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  • Hi dear! It's been a while, but I'm just checking in. I hope you and your family are well. I've got the new single on repeat and was just thinking of all my extended MJ family members.

    Hey Girl. I hope that you are doing okay today! I know that you said you where going to SeaWorld. Hope you had fun <3
    Thank you. :flowers: Its a picture from 1994. Taken at the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus in Budapest.

    Heres another

    Hey, I saw a post of yours.. just dropping by to give you some LOVE :heart: I hope that you are feeling alright.

    Hey girl! I'm good busy working and, well me and some of the DC/MD MJ crew are really, really trying to put together a tribute performance on the 25th down in DC. I think Shannon may be helping out too cause she is from MD :) If it turns out good we are def gonna film it lol.
    Hey Love! I've been okay....I started a new job and stuff. I was really struggling with everything at the end of last year. The holidays just make me miss him more for some reason you know? But how have you been? Any plans for June 25th....I'm trying to see if I can getout to CA but Im not sure yet. Tell your mom I said hi :)
    Hey Darvon thx for the video "Better on The Other Side" Turbite to Michael Jackson The late King of Pop I've a faceboook page look for Telia S. Battle whats your facebook page?
    I finally uploaded a batch of photos from NL today and it made me smile :) Hope you are well <3
    aww you could photoshop one if you want?
    If not its ok.. thanks for letting me know :hug:
    Hey girl......I have MSN I don't have yahoo, but I have aim. Are you going to be online tomorrow during the memorial service?
    Hi. I sent you a friend request because I read some of your posts and you seem really nice! :)
    Yeah we did! I was talking to eternity's child the other day and I saying how one day we should get everyone back together. Ja, Trish, Devin, EC, rickd... I miss the paltalk days :) It's been such a long time. I've been good, how have you been?
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