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  • Hey Daz, for whatever strange reason I can't see the pictures you'e posted lately in the MITM section. They appear as links, not as normally embedded pictures into the thread. That wouldn't be an issue in and by itself if the link worked, but I get an error message which says I don't have access and stuff. Should need be, I'll take a screenshot of it, but I just wanted to ask you first. I'd hate to miss out on some yummy pictures, ya know? :innocent:
    Hey Daz, don't know if you can delete posts, but since you are the only mod I see online right now, I'm approaching you :P IF you can, could you please delete a doubled post of mine in a thread? It's the last on page 1 of the thread about APOM - song of the week - post #15; I actually meant to edit my initial post, but I ended up creating a new one by mistake, hence my edit with "please delete". If you can't, then can you fwd the message Gaz or whomever else? Many thanks :)
    Hi Daryll. Long time no see.
    Hope you had a very merry Christmas and I'm wishing a great new year!
    Hey Daz, you are over quota with the messages and can't receive any new ones. Thank goodness I saw that before writing anything :lol:
    I had written a long PM in reply to your own being convinced it would go through. Turns out you don't receive private messages lol. In any case, I was thanking you and getting a bit more into the talk about Michael's words in that chat and the online environment in general. I was also saying how I would send a friend request your way. I suppose I can still do that :D Enjoy your weekend.
    Wanted to thank you for posting that Michael chat from 1995 in the MJJC blog. Had never read it before it. How terrible a fan does that make me? lol Might have recognized a line or two, but the rest of it was completely new. It proved to be a most intriguing and insightful read. Thx again :)
    Hi hope your doing well. I was in a bookstore today and saw a calendar of Mandalas and immediately thought of you. I didn't have the cash on me so didn't by it.
    Are you OK? I'm on a phone and can't see who's lugged on. I don't know if you live in Brussels, but wanted to ck on you.
    Hi Daryll,
    I know you don't live in Brussels, but just wanted to make sure your okay.
    Thanks again Daryll for your most timely and quite reasonable intervention in a particular thread ;) I was actually goin' to stop by for a few brief lines with the hope to write a longer intervention later in the day. I was also hoping things wouldn't flare up any further and cause some unfortunate blockin' of the thread or something similar because it would be a shame. It is indeed a most intriguing conversation. Your post reassured me it wouldn't be the case. :bow:

    Betta get back to my business now and return to the thread and the rest of the board later in the evening. Cheers :)
    Hi i did not have one and i saw the same one you did i try sorry hope you find one

    Love you more
    Hey there Miss Resident Writer, I see you keep comin' up with goods. I really need to set some time aside to read all your stuff. I probably don't have any right to ask you since I haven't managed to read everything yet, but didn't you say that the plot which included the Promise also had many other parts? If I remember right you only posted one part, why not all of them? In any case, keep the keypad writin' and don't mind the weather outside your window. It's the one on the inside that counts and from what I can see you are a rather solar person. Blessings to you :)
    Hey Daz, as promised yesterday, i read the Dare me 18 plus story. I actually found it quite tame by my naughty standards lol. Innocent or not, you keep the words and the mind goin' :)
    Hey Daz, I just realized I forgot to recommend something in my hot seat and I want to right this terrible injustice. :rofl:

    If you like horror/thriller/crime you should definitely read everything Edgal Allan Poe has ever written. He is creepy and awesome. He has written a bunch of short stories (I found The Pit and the Pendulum to be especially creepy). I haven't read them all yet, but I've read a fair few. Anyway, I recommend reading anything you can find by him. :lol:

    Now that this injustice has been sorted out, how are you? :D
    Thank you for informations.

    So after I donate at least 10 dollars I become club mjjc member automaticaly? Or should I do something more? Can I pay for membership via paypal?

    And after that, I can start to use mentioned things, including 2000 watts forum?

    Thanks again :)

    please, can I ask you for access/password to the 2000 watts forum? What should I do to get there?

    Thank you very much! :)
    Hello Daz Delightful! An extra wishful thought for you... hopeful that your new year has been very kind to you thus far... :wub:
    Hi Daryll,
    Since I am unable to find where to send a PM, can I have the password for 2000 Watts?
    Thanks In advance!!!
    Hi Daryll! As promised I'm letting you know about the MJ RPG which is now open for business! (still cant send a PM to you!)
    Please check it out - and if you know of any other places I can spread the word, I'd love to hear it too :)
    Hi Daryll,
    Would it be possible to pass the password for 2000 watts ? :) Not sure how to send u a private message. Thanks
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