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  • Thanks! Hmm I have a mind to maybe try and conjure up a community for writers who are MJ fans again. Coming back into the fold is a lot of fun and its been great so far, but it sort of makes me sad that the online community seems a bit isolated I remember that communities like that (MJ fiction writers) did thrive at one time. I think now more than ever, fiction could be an outlet of escapism (as you said!). And I have a feeling there are a lot of folks out there who write and just don't want to admit it or don't have an outlet to really do so.

    Sorry for rambling!!! But yeah, just thinking out loud here - thanks for the reply! (doing so via visitor messages since your PM inbox doesn't seem to be open :))
    Hi there!

    This might my a strange question but I'm jumping into the MJ community again after a really long time - years. lol And I caught the writing bug :giggle: I saw that you wrote MJ fan fic, and I was wondering if you still do? Is that still a thing in the MJ community? And could you recommend any fan fic communities/sites if it is still something that people do?

    thanks so much!
    Hello :) how are you :) I'm desperately trying to register for the live chat but its saying my username contains in proper value and won't let me go any further ? How do I do it ? Thanks so much Xxxx
    Hi, any chance of access to 2000 Watts, its been a while since I've been here but in the past i contributed MAJORLY to that forum and the rest of MJJC. Cheers
    I'll bet you impressed them Daz... I never met a student before who looked so forward to go to college again after holidays!!
    Well done!
    Today my daughter started again (school) she didn't look forward as they had to begin with an sport activity today .. (Poldersport) you know this?
    She will be stuck with mud all over , hahaha
    For me it is okay if everything went back to normal again.. With 3 kids, there is always one at home...grrrr
    Had to start working also, i worked till 3:00 am ( still tired) but i made some progress here, Yeahhh!!
    See you soon again Daz
    Enjoy your day
    Hey Daryll! :ciao:

    Hope you have a great day too, thanks for accepting my friend request!

    Big hugs
    Hope your test went well today

    I thought about you!

    Goodnight , see you soon again :)

    Hi Daryll
    Thanks for your messages :)
    Started my day early, to finish some work... Pfff finally done now!
    Going to enjoy the rest of my lazy sunday, making a fine diner for my kids and Michaeling!!

    Have a nice sunday as well!
    Hi Daryll, wanna be my friend?

    Goodnight, sweet dreams (Michael's)
    Yep, way past bedtime for me as well...couldn't go to bed without visiting that thread ;)

    I recognize your name - hi Daryll. I have been member here with the username karendk since 2011. In MJFC I was Karen Edinger. Do you remember me?

    Have a nice weekend and take care.

    Hi daryll, just dropping by to say hello :) i hope you are feeling great, god bless you and i hope we can speak more soon :) xx
    Hi :hiya:
    Oh, you're from beautiful Bruges, I love it there :D. Bruges & Gent are our favorite places to visit in Belgium.
    It's funny, I assumed you were English/American because your English is so good! I was surprised to see you're from Belgium, that's why I had to ask ;) (And because I'm Dutch myself of course)
    My sister in law is from L.A., she visits her family every year and last year we had the chance to go with them, and we LOVED it! It's been more than a year but I still miss it and wish I could just go back and live there..:) So I wouldn't call myself an Anglophile, but I can understand why you love it so much :D

    How was your photoshoot? That picture you showed me was beautiful :)

    Well, have a great sunday! Groetjes ;)
    Thank you Daryll! Hope you have a great weekend as well :) Here's a cute Mikey for you :D

    Hi Daryll, how are you? Do you mind me adding you as a friend? :flowers:
    Hi Daryll. Do you think you could send me the password for the 2000 watts section of the forum?

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Passwords are NOT given through VISITOR MESSAGES... You NEED to PM Rudolf or Qbee, THANKS.
    hey can u send me please the password of the 2000 Watts Section

    I'm PM'd Rudolf about this.
    VM N°2

    Otherwise, I intend to purchase the book. You wrote : “HOW do you cope when all HOPE is LOST?”. This says to me something very strong, something that does not leave me indifferent, something that even makes me shake from the bottom of my existence… This is one of the questions I had asked to myself 11 years ago, during my ‘Invincible Era’, when I’ve lost three most important things in my life… :cry:

    And me too, I wrote a book, but mine is a non fiction. :blush:

    I’ll be back to Katherine vs AEG threads right now. I am in late. I have a lot to read.

    I think I’ll purchase your book only after their lawsuit.
    For several months, I read and re-read Torey Hayden’s books. Before that, I was reading only the books written about Michael.

    You are not obliged to write back to me. I guess you are busy with your Mesereau, Michael and Madeline. ;D

    l.o.v.e. Laeticia

    Thank you so much for info. :eek:ldsmile:

    I've been to the page “Scared Alone” on

    I was surprised to read ‘Author Bio’.

    First, Bruges is one of my favourite cities in the world. I like ‘Venice of North’ as much as Venice.

    And most of all, are mentioned three children named Mesereau, Madeline, Michael !!!!! :wild:
    Am I dreaming or what ??? They are your real children, and not in the fiction, I guess, so I am really impressed.

    --- My message was too long. I have to cut it here ---
    Hi Daryll,

    I coudn't send a PM, I write here.

    I was away from MJJC for months. I came back to follow Katherine’s civil lawsuit vs AEG. By chance I came across your thread.

    I'm really interested in what you have written. Is it a fiction or a non-fiction ? or an essay or something else ? Is this related to Michael or not ? I'd like to know. :blush:

    Thank you in advance for letting me know.

    Laeticia ;D
    Hi Daryll!

    I miss our conversations, I keep getting carried away with work and things but I must remind myself to return here. I find myself thinking "I wish there was someone who understands me" and then I think "DUH! They're all on MJJC!

    How is it going with the Library job? How are you doing?

    Wishing you Peace in your heart, health in your body,
    wealth in your life, joy in your home.
    May you always be blessed with these priceless treasures.

    Happy New Year

    Thank you for the picture you made me! That was so sweet! It brought a big smile to my face and lifted my heart after a long day.:better:

    How did the rest of your internship go? Have you found the job you wanted? I hope it is all going well for you.

    Lark :heart:
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