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  • Wishing you A Merry & Peaceful Christmas Daz girl!! :heart:
    I really hope 2013 will be a year filled with lots of New Fun, Happy, Healthy & Magical Moments throughout the year!! :happy: :D
    Enjoy yourself girl!! ;)
    :heart::santaclaus:Merry Christmas Angel :heart::santaclaus:

    :heart: Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas holiday filled with
    joy and peace through out the New Year ! :heart:

    Thank you so much Daryll! You're advice has helped me a lot. Making sure I "recharge" everyday even if I think I'm fine has made a really positive difference fore me. also remembering to breathe like you said has made all the difference. This time last year I was so lost. You've been a part of what has helped me find my way and I have so much hope for the new year! wishing you a very merry Christmas!


    My Christmas Wish For You

    Comfort on difficult days
    smiles when sadness intrudes
    laughter to kiss your lips
    hugs when spirits sag
    beauty for your eyes to see
    friendships to brighten your being
    faith so that you can believe
    Love to complete your life


    May this day bring to you all things that make you smile

    Love , Mickie (Qbee)
    Hi Daryll, I sent you a friend request on FB but since you ask for us to specify we're part of this community to "allow us" I added it as "work". I hope you see this before you "ban" me :laugh:, hugs.
    :ciao: :heart: For You :heart::group:

    Hello dear :heart:
    I hope you're fine :)
    I'm a little ashamed:blush: , I have not check my paypal account since a long time, I don't use it very frequently, and I just realised that my refund to your account has not worked because I made a mistake writing your address email - I'm really sorry and I do it again now -
    L.O.V.E. :heart:
    O!! WoW, I just saw this now!! :ciao:
    Thanks so much girl!! I'm sure I'll have a M-Blast here!! :yes:
    Read you later,... And Enjoy yourself as well, OK!! :jump:
    Huge Hugs & :heart: Back @ ya girl xxx :wub:
    Hi dear !
    I hope you're okay, my thoughts were with you today because it was your day !! :punk:
    C U later ? ;)
    Honey,i have been praying for you since i read what happened to you...I know exactly what you are going through,and how you feel,because i lost my granny already,and we were very close.Please sweetie e mail me (if you don't have my e-mail,pm me and i'll send it to you),anytime,if you need to talk,to cry,whatever.You are not alone,and you are loved.Keep the faith have an extra angel in heaven.Tight Hugs
    :ciao: Daryll~Delightful :heart: Would you PM and tell me how would I make my 1st MJJC Blog Post :unsure: Thanks :bow::group:
    Hey again,

    thank you, I hope you've had a good day too!
    You've got a life size MJ doll? Omg, I wanna have one too! :woohoo:
    Can you post one picture of it? I'm very interested how it looks like! And from where did you get it? :D
    Hi Daryll,

    yes, I'm okay (except my ongoing sleeping problems)....How about you? Are you fine, too? :)
    really? do u feel the same? you need help and you wanna help?
    I am so down right now for all those people i thought had understood me, all failed me, kill the only hope left for me and destroyed my life.

    do not give me fake hope please.
    do u really understand me? what that poem wants to do? really?
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