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  • OK. Plese do not send me anymore messages, or I will treat it as harassment. you obviously didn't intend to have a friendly conversation, but to accuse. I really do not wish to play your silly game.
    I'm not trying to offend you im just stating what i think. no beef though. I just don't believe you are mourning MICHAEL jackson.
    Are you trying to offend me twinklEE/ Why are you trying to offend me? You asked me a question and I responded in a civil manner and you are trying to pick an argument with me, WHY?
    yeah a shame that the siblings werent in it, it would have made it so much easier for you to go and watch. Never thought you'd be moarnign Michael.
    Next time, I'm going to talk about what Jackie, Randy, Marlon, Tito and Jermaine did to their wives. BTW: you should search for trials in 1990: Randy got arrested for beating the shit out of his wife and son Jackie: got charged due to his mistresse's death. Jermaine: too much to talk about. Marlon: see Randy. Tito: Dee Dee and her children saw him betraying her with a waitress.

    I'm sorry: I didn't mean to burst your bubble.
    6.Don't forget that the brothers received 5 millions for the Victory Tour. Jermaine, two years after the tour, had 7 Ferraris according to Margaret. Randy spent almost all the money recovering from a car accident. Jackie used to shower his mistresses with gifts. Marlon got arrested due to beating his wife and had to pay lawayer. Besides, all the broters were the victim of endless lawsuits.
    7. According to Margaret, Latoya and cross-examination transcripts, Michael spent almost 2,7 millions in his brother's children education.
    8. Michael gave Marlon a house when he had the first child with Carol.
    9. The children, mainly the brothers, complained a lot to Kate. CBS ex-president said that the brother would ask him to blackmail and pressure Michael so that he would perform with them.
    10.You are the one who doens't want to see the other side. Are you mad that your idols- the Jackson Familly (with the exception of Michael)- are not what their seem to be?
    1.During the trial, they showed a history of Michael's finances and it was discovered that millions and millions went to his family.
    2.Michael paid their bills and debts and, occasionaly, would give them money directly: that's why they aren't rich.
    3.Michael's Off The Wall's money was used to buy the Encino house. Michael decorated the house by himself, bought the furniture, hired the cooks, maids, housekeepers and paid for the house.
    4.Michael paid for Latoya's career. In fact, Michael produced her first 3 singles. Joe got a contract for Janet: no one had to pay anything.
    5.Not all the Jackson brothers and sisters have grown children, mainly inthe 80's. During the 80's and 90's, Michael paid all the children's child support and gave a house to Jermaine. See this in a cross-examination court transcripts while Gerardos was still Michael's lawyer.
    im glad ur doing ok datsy. yeah im too extremely excited!!! god bless u too :heart:
    hi datsy, havent seen u online for a while. i hope everything is fine with u. :hug:
    Merry Christmas, Datsymay! :xmas1:
    I hope you have a great time with your family. God Bless! :hug:
    I've just read your coment on my thread "Michael Jackson is unanimous"... Thank you for your support! :)
    In the end, when we all agree about things like that, it's Michael who wins, right? And it makes me very, very happy!
    :) thank you Datsymay ((((((((hugs)))))))
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