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  • Take care there in Florida with the hurricane and all......hope you and the family are safe and everyone else around you.
    Good to hear your doin' good Dewster. Saw your message in the lil' pop up chat or whateva it's called :p Take care and enjoy the rest of the summer :)
    Good to hear that :) What you goin' about with "old" - you're simply 18 with a few more years of experience, right? :p :lol:

    All the best to you and your family :hug:
    Hey Dewester, I just read today is a very special day. Don't have much time these days, but I haddd to log in to wish you a.......

    Sorry to hear about your illness. Hope you get in even better shape so you can have a peaceful and joyful holiday season. Yeah, I will definitely listen some more to Third Day, they sound cool. Take care :)
    I was goin' to give you another rep point to say how much I agreed with you about Third Day and Enya, but turns out it was too soon after the last one, so I had to come here and say it :) Many blessings to you and your family this holiday season!!!
    I can see why the tattoo would be "much thought about" lol. Sorry to hear about Disneyland. Hopefully it will cool off and you guys will get to go. I bet you'll have tons of fun. In any case, I'm sure you have tons of fun as a family even without going to the amusement park + Michael's music and videos can be easily enjoyed from the comfort of your own house :)
    Hey Dewey, I saw your interesting post in the tattoo thread (see rep point about that lol) and realized we hadn't spoken in a while. Did you and your family make any plans yet to see Captain EO at Disneyland? Have a nice weekend, you and that funny hubby of urs :)
    :ciao: Dewest :girl_haha: yeah, it's been a pretty productive day so far - doin' some emailin' I had procrastinated for ages, cookin' and now i'm over here :) i'm so proud of my cookin' that imma go ahead and tell everyone about it lol u have a nice Tuesday as well *hug*
    Many thanks!!! Looking forward to gettin' an error message at some point in the future when I'll try to log in as AntWort LOL
    I'll send your request to the great and powerful Gaz, he has the magical powers to change usernames.
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