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  • Hey Dewster :p

    Btw, I hope you don't mind me calling you like this. I just find it endearing :)

    I know there is a change of name thread somewhere, but I wanted to do this a bit less "officially", let us say, which is why I'm botherin' ya here. I also see you are online right now.

    If either you, or any of your fellow moderators could change AntWort into a simple.......Girl I would really appreciate it. I know this is allowed only once btw.

    It's like Madonna said about her Music album back in 2000 or something "you gotta call it what it is", so there's no better name for me than that......i'm just a girl in the world :D


    Happy Birthday :birthday: I was just browsin' the forum and saw that it was your bday, so I thought it would be nice to jump in here and wish you all the best.

    Florida librarian with a family all of her own, eh? Sounds awesome :D Blessings today and always.

    Hi Msdewey!! sorry it took so long to say hello - don't know how to work these notifications he he. :ciao:
    :hiya: oh bless you :huggy: that's really touched my heart .... Thankyou so very much what a very lovely thing to say ..thanku :huggy:
    Hello msdeweydiva :huggy:
    Happy Friday too Sweetie :heart:
    Aw that is so sweet thank you It means so much to me x
    Thanks for your compliments :) Regarding Michael laughing with us, I feel the same :)
    Loool, that's cute :) :naughty: :hiya:
    Interesting. Maybe I have to hit a certain level or something before I'm able to see it? That's my guess.
    Aww, thank you! :) I made it yesterday. I was bummed when I saw that it doesn't actually show up as a graphic- just a link. But oh well!
    That would be great! More People should come here more often. :yes: :D
    I hope you are fine. :D
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