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  1. What Do You Do In Your Spare Time?

    Re: What do you do on your spare time I usually read or knit. (Still the same as the above post. :D)
  2. Who is your "Dream" YANA girl?

    This is not a YANA girl, but it's still my favorite Michael/fan girl interaction:
  3. Stranger Things (Netflix Original Series) [Created by The Duffer Brothers]

    I've also only watched 2 episodes so far. Reminds me of my teen years with all the 80s music and movie references. :D
  4. What song can't you listen to

    Gone Too Soon. I rarely listen to it.
  5. What was the last MJ song u listened to?

    This Place Hotel from Scream. :listeningtomusic
  6. What Does Your Username Mean?

    Re: What does your username mean? I have a Master's degree in Library and Information Science, (just a fancy way of saying I'm a librarian), and the Dewey Decimal Classification system is part of my DNA, so...'dewey' fits. :D
  7. Your 'Bad' Experience (30th Anniversary Edition)

    I had just graduated from high school in June 1987 and had my first ever job (in the library) and I was already completely in love with Michael after everything that happened with Thriller and the Victory Tour. I couldn't wait to get my hands on the vinyl and I even bought the CD, new technology...
  8. Rare Pictures Thread

    Can I get that photo somewhere without the text?
  9. What Do You Do In Your Spare Time?

    Re: What do you do on your spare time I read or knit. But never at the same time.
  10. :hello:

  11. Member Feedback Poll - Separate News and Bring back Michael Mania?

    Will there be the previously ongoing issue with members posting non news items in the News section? How would that be handled?
  12. Rare Pictures Thread

    I'd go with the "We've had a love affair for 30 years now and you never called me" line just to (hopefully) make him smile. :D
  13. What is your weather like?

    HOT! Unbearably hot. Like 105 degrees (Fahrenheit).
  14. Ultimate Faceoff: Will You Be There Vs Earth Song

    Both are soooo incredible. I finally did choose Will You Be There after much gnashing of teeth and wiping the sweat from ma brow. (It's the spoken poem at the end...)