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  • Diana, How are you girl? I miss you! I hope you're doing well :D God bless you :flowers:
    ok :D We're waiting for you tonight cause i can see there will be a party :fortuneteller: :lol:
    Who are you ? :unsure: jk :lol: How are you popo ? :D

    I'm ok. I have a lot of fun with the other popo , we're still posting like crazy :lol:
    You should join us :D
    Yes we re still popoposting!!! :lol:

    The gals are new, but same fun hahahhaha You should join us popo ;)
    Hi Diana! I miss you.
    How are you today? I hope you're well.
    God bless you.
    gidday there. everythings good with me. The NZ soccer team play in the world cup tonight so i'll be up watching that in the small hours of the morning. How have you been?
    Heyyy :) Sure I remember you :p From Appleheads :p You were ~paris~ right? Or do I have the wrong person xD
    Anyway yeah I'm good, how about you?

    Oh it was a blast aye, I haven't had so much fun in ages, it was really good. and the most embarrassing thing is Michael would of been watching the whole entire thing and most probably thinking "surely these crazy people aren't my fans"

    But it was totally worth it, cause we did it for him in the long run, no more drinking now till my 27th which is just over 4 weeks but I'll be doing that one responsibly cause I have a few friends that have just turned 18 so I must set an example.

    :dance2: Victory goes to ME I made you laugh again, far out I'm too good *dances to U - Turn*

    I still have more sparkles left in the kitchen draw but I'm going to leave them for next month, cause we have a huge celebration planned for the 25th of next month :party:
    That's great, I saw you online so I thought I would just pop on over and make sure everything was alright. Aww :hug: that's what I'm here for besides what sort of a person would I be if I didn't care for my friends :) :huggy:.

    I'm all bubbly today it's the 26th here so I did all my celebrating last night with a few of my MJ friends, we played heaps and heaps of his music, acted like complete utter tools (you'll be surprised what alcohol does to me when I drink to much) :shifty:.

    Carley and I ran up the streets of our house screaming at the top of our lungs that we love Michael Jackson while setting off sparkles and throwing them around the place without getting burnt.

    Then to finish off the night which was about 2am this morning we played his song "Gone Too Soon" So I'm still hypo from last night, I have good news though I managed not to get a hangover this time so I'm very proud of myself.
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