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  • Hey Chicky,

    Just popping though to see how your coping with today, hope your handling it okay. Do MJ proud and remember all the good times he gave you, while cranking up his music extremely loud :D

    Sending you lots and lots of :huggy:

    :heart: you
    Hey Diana,

    :yes: Getting old, I'm 27 in just over 4 weeks, and then there is only 2 years and I'm like30! I'm getting old and ancient I'm telling you, I swear I saw my 1st grey hair last night :giggle:

    Glad that I amuse you, I've always been told that I should of been a comedian cause I have a habit of being stupid and making people laugh.

    Aww that's great that your doing well :) remember if you need to talk about anything I'm only a pm away :huggy:

    :love: you

    Hey sweetie,

    I'm okay, trying to escape the cold its winter here now so it's flaming freezing. It also overcast and rainy today so that's probably why I'm feeling it more then I usually do, either that or I'm getting old :toofunny:

    Hope your well and looking after yourself? aww I miss you too :flower:


    Hi lovely,
    Sorry I haven't written back yet... I'll write you soon I promise..
    Thank you for your message.....I appreciate it....

    Love you,
    Hi my Canadian popo :D my popo is tired, I'm going to bed very soon. Yes, we had a popo party today. How are you my popo friend ?
    my Frenchie popo is fine :lol: yeah, you can be a Canadian popo if you want :D
    Where are the others popo girls ? still offline :lol: we're waiting for the popomeeting :D
    Hi, sweetie. Thank you so much for your support. It really means a lot to me. :flowers: I have sent you a PM..

    Sending you lots of hugs & L.O.V.E :heart:
    oh ty so much Diana for your warmth and kindness . :huggy:.
    and the same goes for you ,i am here for you too ..:give_flowers:

    im part gothic if anyone has any problems with me as myself then they can stay in their own fantasy world
    hahaha World of popo! I like! :yes:

    If you ever use this word you ll be banned!!!!!!:nono:

    haha :D
    aaaaaaaaaa:toofunny: the smiley :lmao:

    Im glad that you had a great day as well! Because popos of the world must be united!!!! :girl_pride:

    hahaha :hug: Hi POPO Diana! (singing like Dirty Diana :lol:) Im ok, just a little tired and sleepy..:p But my day was ok!! :D

    How was yours?
    hi Diana .
    hiya ,upon looking at our convo . i thought we were friends already .
    but it told me otherwise , :lol:
    i will be humbled to accept your request, mjjc sister .thank you again .:huggy:
    your so, so welcome Diana . i tend to rep when words touch me and your certainly did .
    realy felt that .:huggy:
    :toofunny: I just felt like being totally random so I was giving everyone I care about rep points, I probably won't do it for ages now :lmao:
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