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  • im so unsure about my life right now one half of me is saying go do it the other half is saying dont go :cry:
    ur on my top friends im off to msn now hun catch me there my energy levels are really low with fainting
    "Hi sweety! Thanks for your support and all your kind words. You're sweet and I pray magic remains in your world.. " im gonna try and sleep but im on msn if you need me just buzz me
    :waving: hey darlin its me i just got back online i gots my new mp3 hehe
    wrote something for you in the which members do you love thread if u dont know which one it is let me know im feelin good today think the worst is over i actually ate something earlier and ive kept it down so hoping i can do it all the time love you more you rock my world little one take care
    :waving: Hey Diana.

    Just thought that I would pop on over to see how everything is going in your world. Not much is happening here, My niece went to our local show yesterday night and they had MJ show bags for $20 so she picked me up one, haven't seen it yet cause she hasn't been around but once I get it I'll post in up on the forum so everyone can see.

    I get to see my GREAT nephew on Monday so I'm extremely excited about that as I haven't seen him in weeks, he's now nearly 7 months old and according to my niece trying to crawl

    Well there's not much more to say really so I'll head off now. Look after your self and hopefully I get to talk to you soon

    Much :love:

    hey sweetie im on msn now so sorry i was so ill during the night i crashed out im there now so sorry

    i feel so ignorant i love you hun i always will
    hey sweetie look who it is i cant stay here long but im on msn
    im tired today as im in bed sick but feel free to talk to me on there
    love you more xxxx
    :waving: Hey Sweetie, I'm doing all right, I have a few problems that I'm trying to fix but nothing that I can't handle. Hope everything is starting to go well for you now.

    Till next time look after yourself and I'll talk to you soon :)

    :heart: :huggy:
    :waving: Hey sweetie sorry about the late reply, I was at a friends place for a week and didn't have access to the internet,

    I'm glad that I've helped you a little bit in some way, at least me advice and support helps someone for once as it never seems to help me when I need it.

    Anyway I'm home now so I hope to catch up with you soon, look after yourself

    :heart: you


    hey hun its me just wanna say i adore you hun dont feel down if u need me im just a pm away or message away
    i have msn i tease angeliki on it hehe if u ever wanted me there feel free too


    tommorow u may not catch me till late on but i will respond once i get back

    love ya more xxxx
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