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  • Diane dear,how lovely to hear from you...sorry to answer this late,but my life as been crazier than ever since my mom is in the hospital in coma since december.As you can imagine,i'm extremely tired,very scared,and completly devastated,but doing all i can,the best way i know to be there for my mom even more than i used to be.
    How are you doing?Miss you so much!HUGS
    Diane dear,it's been ages since we talked,how have you been?and your girls?
    I just want to wish you and your family a very blessed and saint Easter.
    I hope we can talk soon because i miss you very much.
    please take care my friend.Love you.HUGS
    ((((((((((((((Tight Hugs)))))))) Hope you are well my friend
    :) Anytime Diane...I'm pretty good at making ipods happy...Actually i might change my name here to Ipodfiller..lol...maybe not!
    Diane my friend...is everything ok?join me and john in the chat...miss you...love you
    I miss you so much my friend...can you join the chat?love you
    Diane...I miss you so much my friend!...how are you?where are you?
    ((((((((((((((((((((((Diane,my sweet Diane))))))))))))))
    No bank holiday here til next weekend...still have the day off regardless! Ok i'm off to enjoy some of my 18,598 songs lol..ipod greatest invention ever! Have a great day Diane! :) Talk soon!
    Ha ha you posted in that thread exactly the same time i did! lol I'm just waiting for my ipod to charge before i go out for a cycle :)
    DFiane sweetie,can you join the chat or msn?i'm there and daddy too.love you
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Yesterday! :D

    I slap my own wrists for not posting you a birthday message on here yesterday.:(:doh:
    Love you! :wub: xxx
    Diane,dear,you are in the chat,aren't you?
    Diane sweetiem,Daddy aka John is now in the chat.
    Diane dear,join us uin the chat if you can,please?XXX
    Aw i'm glad you had a good fun day hun, probably did you good my lovely. Im so hacked off with the tv breaking, not cos i can't watch it..i can do without a tv for a few days its just nothings good now, i hate my shit life, i want a new one. :(
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