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  • Hey Dianne,

    I'm very happy to hear all the good news about you and your fresh start. :clap: keep it goin'. I'm pretty busy myself. Very nice to hear from you.

    Enjoy your new life :)
    Don't worry about a thing Dianne. I'm pretty busy myself these days. Take your time :)
    I just read your rep point - thank you very much, that was very sweet of you. I do realize that life can beat people down pretty badly, so I didn't really expect a reply. Empty words are not enough when there's hurt - those are very true lyrics to one of Michael's songs from when he was a little child. I was simply glad to see her online again a few days ago because I was worried for her. I am keeping her in my thoughts and prayers. You take good, good care of yourself and enjoy the weekend :)
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