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  • Thanks Lady, I am actually having a great Christmas, with folks near and far. All the best to you also.

    Pardon my need of mystery, but I'll refrain from telling you my country of origin. Suffice it to say it is a most beautiful, blessed country, with one of the eldest Christian people on earth :) However, I do like to travel and I've felt at ease in all the lovely nations I've been lucky enough to visit. I'm sure it will be the same in the future.

    Well wishes for a blessed new year, especially for MJFam!!!! Lord knows, we need some good and lovely news on this front, right?
    Cheers now :hellooo:
    You're most welcome :) We should all be proud of our countries, great or small, it doesn't matter. Yours is a blessed one with a special connection to Mother Mary, therefore it isn't small by any measure, not in God's designs. Enjoy the holidays as much as possible and may the new year be better for you, your loved ones and your country. :hellooo:
    Hey there, DifferentKindofLady,

    I saw that today was your birthday, so I figured I should send you well wishes on your special day. Hope you enjoyed it as much as possible.

    I know it's late in the evening in Portugal already. Did you ever think that your country could be spelled - Por tu gal - a Spanglish combo meaning 'for your girl'? lol Probably not; crazy people like me come up with that kind of thing lol Love your country btw, I visited for a few days some time back.

    Btw of your username - I absolutely love the tune you chose. It really is one of my favorites from the early days.

    Again, God bless you and have a Merry Christmas!
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