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    Coronavirus Thread

    Oh and by the way there is a subject that no one is talking about at least in my country (Portugal): The homeless. Our prime minister said (which I find it very sad by the way), that the homeless are in a better situation because they live on the street and the get to catch fresh air. I mean...
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    Coronavirus Thread

    Same here! They say to keep it cool and not panicking BUT at the same time they make us feel scared! Also these situations always bring the bad in people. They attack the supermarkets and take everything they can! Bunch of hoarders and rude people!
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    Coronavirus Thread

    You´re right. I don´t read or see what the media are saying because it makes us feel even worse. It´s "amazing" how much they exagerate and try to cause the panic in the population. In my country the flu killed last year 3 thousand people and they don´t speak about that. But this virus (it´s...
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    Coronavirus Thread

    In my country we are in emergency state and we have to Stay home. We can go out for grocery, banks, post Office and stuff like that. We can also go out for very small walks but we have to go alone or just with one person. But one day even these small walks are going to end. We have almost 800...
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    Favorite song live performances?

    Dirty Diana from the Bad tour, lovely one also from the Bad tour. And many many more.
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    My personal MJ top 50.

    Welcome! I love all those songs but I love everything Michael!
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    Positive MJ references in film/tv/music (list them here)

    Which songs he covered? I agree with you. He is a big musical inspiration.
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    National Anthem

    When he was a kid he had to do what other people wanted him to do and maybe the anthem was something he was obliged to do.
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    Jackson Family Photos

    Re: Sophia Loren, Kirk Douglas RIP Kirk Douglas.
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Re: What are you listening to? The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk - I Feel It Coming (This song could be sung by MJ!)
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    Did MJ lie about the amount of surgery he had?

    Beautiful thread! I agree with everything she said. Thanks for sharing!
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    Did MJ lie about the amount of surgery he had?

    I don´t know if he lied but that doesn´t matter to me. It was his life and his body and he was a grown man. If he lied or not who cares? Like he said in Moonwalk: "What does my face have to do with my music?"
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    MJJC Never Ending Party Thread

    Jeez! Dark for four months?! In Portugal last week was all dark and I was feeling depressed because we are used to good weather. But FINALLY today the sun is shining! I send you some sun from here if I could :)