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  • Hi Dilan! These are Toni and Laura, from Spain. We met in the Brad Seminars in London last February. Many people are asking us about the pictures you take there. Can you send us a link to download them? Thank you very much!
    Hi Dilan
    No worrys !
    Oh your art is beautiful ! You did smooth criminal Oh love it alot :wild: :cool:
    Dilan .Your idea is really great . Any reason why you choose to do Black or whie Mjj .You asked what we think So here is what I think .Would Smooth criminal have more impact do you think ? I would think about what is the message that you are giving through this art . You want it to be boom pow ~ You have a great concept though I think it will work whatever mjj image you use! I would instead work with smooth criminal from .....this is it ? title it something like ..... Annie IS Okay ? then Finally after 25 years [plus] they can see Yes Indeed she is :D
    Hey! :ciao: Just saying hi. You didn't have any visitor messages, so now you do!
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