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  • hello friend I am a great follower of your work for years
    I was wondering if you could re-raise all your mixes that you did for so long
    Hello amigo. I want to ask you for advice in 'mixing' a live song(s). I want to make a perfect live version of a song with multiple sources (different performances), how do you recommend me to do it?
    I have ideas, but i don't know if I'm correct. For example:
    *Match the tempo (bpm) of all the files
    *Match the equalization of all the files
    *Match the volume

    And that's it, hehe.
    I don't know exactly how to blend or mix the parts. Can you give me advice, please?

    Thank you.

    I'll use Adobe Audition or Audacity.
    My daughter pointed out that I just type you into YouTube ......oh my days lol what an airhead I am :) that was a fantastic video :) I loved it thankyou :)
    Hello , I've just watched your vid that you posted in the chat box :) it was proper lovely :) please could you send me the link on my page or something as I don't know how to save this kind of thing ? Lol :) and I would like to see it again but it will disappear soon , thankyou for posting it :) Lis xx
    hey there.
    iam listening to your remixes quite alot. iam wondering when youre going to finish the remix for "why you wanna trip on me"? demo 2 sounded so nice and it would be amazing if you finished that one :D

    Hey! So cool to see you here. We've never talked before, but I recognize your name from a video on YouTube that combined both videos that MJ made for "They Don't Care About Us." I LOVED it! Actually, I think that's the one I just posted on the "Let's Count To a Million" thread. Not sure, though - - I got it off of Yahoo.
    Hi, do you have some 5.1 mixes made by you? I'm kinda psyched by surround music that's why I open a thread. If you don't have, np and also check mine if you want :)
    Please, reupload your video - Michael Jackson Kissed The Girl - AMA 1984 - So Romantic Moment - detail catched by DJ_OXYGeNe_8 - on YouTube.
    We love it so much!
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas! May your world be filled with warmth and good cheer this Holy season, and throughout the year! Love, Peace and Joy.

    Hi DJ_OXyGeNe_8 I hope you are well. I came on here to ask you whether the new name you have on YT is actually YOU and not a bogus jealous person saying that this is your new account name? Seeing your new name here kind of confirms to me now that is IS you! What a shame that you have had to start all over again!! :-(
    I sub to you on YT as JennySussex. Just wanted to confirm that this new name is yours! Take care, x
    Hey DJoxygene,

    maybe its time now for the big request of our community.
    as you know finally we got last year the Brunei Royal Concert 1996.
    and now we also have it in very good quality!

    as we all know you are the king of MJ QUALITY-Videos :)
    so I ask you again kindly... are you able to make a Audio-Mix Enhancement and a Color Correction/Video Enhancement?

    For Video you need to use the EBAY Version which is online here on MJJC
    For Audio-Mix I will upload for you the BETTER Audio Version of the MJJF-Version... so you can mix it up with the HQ mp3 files ;)

    would you like to work on that big project?
    Merhaba Kaan, adını mjturkfan'dan öğrendim :)

    Çok güzel uploadların var sitede, elimden geldiğince hepsini download etmeye çalışıyorum, hepsi için ayrı ayrı teşekkürler.
    Seni arkadaş listeme eklemek için davetiye gönderdim, umarım onaylarsın.
    MJJC'de bu kadar başarılı çalışmalar upload eden kişinin bir Türk olması da beni ayrıca mutlu etti :)

    I need your help. I need to know if there are any good,FREE movie makers out there.?.

    I have a VERY important project in the works and i need something that is going too wow the people watching it. I Have Windows Movie Maker and it crash's I have Adobe Photo Elements but it doesn't have all i need to make this video something that will grab their attention. It has to be free because i cant afford anything at this time. I know this is a huge request but you are the best at this and i need major help.
    Hey DJ OXY!!! Thanx so much for all the great work done on the videos... How can I download the Dangerous BBC DVD on torrent??? Thanx! All the best!!!
    Hello , I'm a fan of your work , i just want to say thank you ( if you don't mind i say it here ) for all those DVDs and videos , also , I love your Youtube channel .Thank you
    hi im brand new to these forums and i am a massive michael jackson fan i have seen all of the comercially available videos of michael and i really want to see all of these on the website. i have asmall problem and don't know what to do, although it is not one of your videos DJ_OXyGeNe_8 or even from this website but i have seen many of your downloades all over the internet and i cant wait to download some of them as soon as i know what to do. i have just download 25 rar. files of captain e.o dvd and tried to proceed to extract them on win rar but it got to complicated so basically i need to know where to go from after downloading the files and also how to once extracted them how to burn to dvd and with what programme :)
    if anybody could help please do as i am very excited to see all of this amazing video content
    Could you please let me know, how you improve the quality on your videos?

    -Thanks for your great videos! =D
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