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  • Hello DJ,
    I don't want to ask you nothing, just want to thank you for all your hard work that you do for us. It is impossible for me to keep up the step with you. From a lot of fans in Romania "THANK YOU".
    DJ_OXyGeNe_8 PLEASE Remaster the Victory tour it is such a good show and you are the best at remastering vieos please please do it. Bye :)
    I just wanna say your videos are THE BEST! No one can beat u. :) Okay im new to this how do you dowload your videos? do reply! thank you :)
    God BLess
    Omg why has your YouTube account been suspended?! It wont let me look @ your videos.. :(
    Hi, Did you ever remaster The Way You Make Me Feel for this concert? If so can you please upload it on youtube please? It's the only one on youtube not remastered. Thanks:D
    I love your videos and think you are the best. I am new here but I notice certain people like to always put your work down. Please dont ever let these people discourage you. Until they can do better, ignore them and keep doing what you do. God bless!
    I speak italian and spanish but in my simple english I want tell you only a big big big thanks for your job. You're amazing!!! Everything you do is the best! Thank you for all. Ciao.
    HI FRIEND!!!
    Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Special [MJLand_ro and DJ_OXyGeNe_8]
    Hey Good Job On The Munich Live...Its awesome...
    But Just One Request...Is There Any Way U Can Put It On Ntsc Format...? Yours Is In Pal... I Cant Watch It Anywhere but my computer...!... :(
    Please Please!!!! I Cant Watch This On My HDTV THIS SUCKS!! lol...

    First, I want to tell you, that's a very great job, you're very nice to do that.
    My question is, how did you do to remasterize the video's quality and also the sound ???
    Please, tell me how you do.

    See you soon,


    Hi, your videos are very incredible, very good work.
    But, I have a question, how do you make this ???
    To remastere the video quality, and sound ???
    Hi, how are you?
    I am a member of this forum long but really not used to leave messages
    Just speak and write in Spanish and not English
    I can only use a translator.
    I saw that video remaster wanted to ask what programs you use
    I have to go to a friend
    To use the Internet
    And I can not download
    Thank you very much beforehand
    Hi :D DJ, I love your video very very very much :), can you make the menu for Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration :D
    I'm Vietnamese, my skill english :( not good :( I just don't know what to say, can you make it :D THANK
    Hey DJ OXY bro, i have my favorite high quality m.j. Songs. They are 5.1 (6 channels and 24 bit - 48.000) wav songs... But i have a problem; yes i can listen them on my pc but i want to burn them to dvd or another media to listening on my home theatre system. But i cannot write them because every program say same error; this is unknown format or the disc doesn't support multi channel audio :.(

    i used nero 9, audio dvd maker and audio dvd creator, but they are mixdowning while writing songs from 5.1 to 2.0 stereo... So the songs lose their quality and have "hiss" and "crackles"...

    Please help me what can i do with this... There is no way to create "dts audio dvd" ???
    hey is it possible that you upload your bad tour remastered Yokohama bad tour under 1 gb?
    Do you have an audio download for the new Billie Jean (demo) you loaded on YouTube. Please! Megaupload? Thank you!

    Thank You for all your DVDs and videos !!! You are truly gifted, and really are paying a great tribute to Michael Jackson's legacy. When you get time, could you give me a link or a list of all your DVDs? I want to make sure I have them all. You are a real professional.

    Sorry, I don't know if my message to you went through or not. So just let me know's a personal project question. Thanks a lot!
    Wow I LOVE your siggy :D I wish there would be a cartoon about Michael drawn like that...
    man i love your new siggy
    where you got this comic michaels? :)
    so sweet and perfect

    thx for all
    thanks so much for your dvds. i downloaded the j5/jacksons one and when i played it, it was so beautiful i just about teared up. thanks so much, man. i'm going to send copies to my mom and her friends who were j5 fans.
    my friend, i'm waiting ur Munich DVD :)) thank uuuuuuuu... 10 numarasın adamım :))
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