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    Michael Jackson's Dangerous World Tour Synth Bass

    dr.mix also created instrumental version - may be gives you an idea.
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    Michael Jackson’s Ghosts coming to YouTube this Halloween!

    why people writes comments under video that "estate wants to delete video" !?!? is it true!? who manages youtube account!?
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    DJ_OXyGeNe_8 New Youtube Channel

    They deleted ... I'm creating channel again, you can subscribe Thanks.
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    Best Cover performances

    These are my favorite performances; This is amazing !!! when you find really good performances please add.
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    MJ Songs That SHOULD Be Re-released?

    I didn't know that SHOUT released on CRY single. Before reading this thread (5 minutes before) I bought it, I'm lucky just one copy left :) Anyway, we had a thread something like that "what did you buy last" Couldn't find it!?
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    REMIXES of popular DJs/Producers of Songs from "Xscape"

    JustPaul @ I don't know, you decide. I did edit intro part, still working on rest of the song. I hope you like it,
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    Are You Buying the Physical Single Release?

    I'm not sure. If they add acapella and instrumental would be better. For now, there is no reason to buy. Track Listings 1. Love Never Felt So Good 2. Love Never Felt So Good
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    REMIXES of popular DJs/Producers of Songs from "Xscape"

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    REMIXES of popular DJs/Producers of Songs from "Xscape"

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    REMIXES of popular DJs/Producers of Songs from "Xscape"

    Check mine; you can watch in 1080p sorry for audio quality. Screen Capture software's problem. Encoded as 192kbps... Nvidia ShadowPlay
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    Michael Jackson To Unleash World Premiere Experience At Billboard Music Awards

    Don't worry, watch the real one :D Michael Jackson Slave To The Ryhthm Orijinal Demo Versiyon | Alk??larla Ya??yorum Unreleased footage would be better.