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  • Hi everyone I'm still around although I haven't been over here as much as I should. Hope 2015 is starting out good for you all.Love you all <3
    Yes Lori, It took Lisa a week to eat normal again, but this could also be because of the heat...we sure not used to this...I'm not hungry either if it's hot
    Hi Lori, I hope you feel better today ...remember I wrote about Lisa last week..I still think she bacme ill because of something she eat, fortunately she felt better already the next day, but it took her a week to eat normal again
    I will ask my sister for help to pay through paypall, as I still don't have it hahaha
    Thanks for letting me know

    On the one hand I'm glad we had the forum, otherwise I wouldn't have met you:), but on the other hand I don't think the owners handled its closing particularly well.
    My signature picture was too big...only proud members are alowed to have big signatures like these..I'll changed it now, I hope it's better/good this time
    Yes I did it!!! Now all I need to take care of is the Profile picture :)

    Goodnight vriendin, BFH and 4ever <3
    No, I don't see it either ...i need to get use to this other system ...pfff hard for me to track some threads ...I will try the signature again ...
    Oh yes..I remember, I always loved that signature ....wonder if the one I set up here already is working ???
    Hi Lori !!
    I am about to find out how the Signature will work ...pffff

    Love these smilies :)
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