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  • Yeah it is fun working with kids .. awww thats cute that kids come over and you spend hours playing with them and your son. I bet you all have soo much fun. You take care too. Have a great and safe year too.
    Well im going to say thank you hehe. That was really nice of you my friend!! :flowers: you're welcome to you though :yes: awww thats sweet, well youre a really nice lady yourself..very funny too and supports MJ 100%, which is sooo awesome!! Aww im an angel? and the kids love me? wow thats nice of you to say Dri :hug: im glad you think of me this way because i think of you the same way as well! :) Now that reminds me of MJ..the angels and the children awww./ how sweet!!Well take care hun!!! You stay positive ok.. ohhhhhh mannn I almost got it right, danggg ok, its canga, not cango.. i wasnt that far off, nope :girl_dance:

    P.S.- speaking of kids, i work with kids. 3 yr olds.. they are soo cute and do like to hang on me lol.
    Aww DRI!! I like the gifts you gave me. You're sooo nice :) You're city is sooo Beautiful. I like how it had Rio De Janiero(sp?) on the cango? i thinks thats what its called. BUt its very pretty. Thanks for the gifts and the "T" necklace as well. aww!! You're a very nice person and a friend :flowers: yours should be arrving in a couple of days :)
    You're welcome! I'm glad you had a good time. :santaclaus:
    Our christmas was okay! :D
    Take care and Hope to talk to you soon! :bye:
    Merry Christmas! :holiday:
    I hope you have a great time with your family. God Bless! :hug:
    Oh what food have you been making???? I feel like baking some cookies haha. Like sugar cookies yummy!!!!

    Oh I did not even believe in the health issue, I mean my friend Eddie he was like Gisselle did you hear about MJ having a lung transplant, and right when I heard that I was thinking wow tabloid garbage. So i went on MJJC and I read the statement from Dr. Thome (sp) stating it was false etc, just like I figured. But I am sooooooooooooooooo excited for the thought of a world tour and TV appearances!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sooo wanna see MJ live!!!
    aw thank you Dri! ^_^ same for you I hope your Christmas is happy and blessed! and GOD Bless you hun! :hug:
    Awww Dri.Thanks.I hope you and your family have a good Christmas too and stay safe!! :) hope you get what you want! Stay sweet my friend! :) oh and you x-mas card from me should be on its way!!
    Hello Dri! I How are you doing? are you enjoying the holidays? How is Brazil? I just got home in Vegas about 2 days ago. i am so glad to be home hehe. Man i am so glad to hear that Michaels health condition was just a rumor!!!! Damn stupid tabloids grrr... They make me so angry!!!!!!! anyways ttyl
    A TOUR A TOUR OMG A TOUR! :wild: :swoon: I cannot believe this! i was expecting it but still cant friggen believe it! XD wow! I need to save up money..cause its not likely hes coming to the US :( you think youll be able to go? <3 Megs
    Oi, Dri!!!
    Tentei te ligar, mas o tel tava ocupado... Agora estou esperando uma ligação mas, se vc puder, entra no msn.. Estou off...
    Hi Dri
    How are you?
    I'm embarrassed...I just saw a comment that you left on my page about my sig.
    Thank you. :)
    hello Dri. How are you?? well busy huh hehe. yeah im busy with work and stuff too. Its ok don't worry about the x-mas card. I havent even sent mine out yet. I will send it out tomorrow though, for sure. Take care! :)
    hey Dri! i am doing okey...I moved back to my house a month ago after living with a friend for 3 months...and I still do not have a job! please pray that i find a job..I would appreciate it! :D how are you? :hug: <3 Meagan
    Hello Dri :)
    I still here.. just been busy with school and i got a new job as well. I'm gonna work at a daycare, that will be interesting!! :) I hope all is well. Im planning on sending out the card to you this Saturday!! YAY...

    take care! :hug: and thanks for those pics of MJ with children!! they were adorabloe!
    Aww bless :flowers: You're very welcome Dri
    Hope you have a good night. talk to you soon! :hug:xx
    you're welcome I'm fine, thanks! :)
    oh I meant the pic of you and your daughter! You two look lovely! :give_heart:
    And as for the painting I think it's amazing! So good! Thanks for sharing! :flowers:
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