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  • Hey Driver,
    maybe you're only busy but I hope your alright. Did you read my last message? Would be nice if you can answer my questions. :)
    What a funny thing, I booked the same hotel two weeks ago!
    Well, I don't really care whether Virgin Airways or other airlines are better than BA, as long the plane doesn't crash :D But thank you for recommendation!
    From where did you fly to LA?

    Yeah, I know the Griffith centre. But I've heard that you don't get a good view of the city and the skyline if you go up there at daytime because of the smog. Can you confirm that?
    And yes, I've already rented a car. BTW I'll drive with that car to Las Vegas and I'll stay there for one night too! I'll stay in the Venetian Resort - you know, that 5 star hotel where Venice is recreated. Actually the hotel is expensive, but for one night it's ok.

    All in all, it will be a wonderful holiday and it's great that I've met someone who can help me with the planning! Would be great if you can answer my two questions above!
    Thank you and best regards!
    Thank you very much for the reply!

    No, I'm not going to be busting the city. Actually, I won't visit the sights at all. I'll fly to Los Angeles, but there's no non-stop flight from Munich. But there was an appealing flight by British Airways and of course, their stopover-airport is Heathrow. So actually the only thing I'll visit when I'm in London is the airport :D
    Still I'm excited because I'll see the MICHAEL poster probably!

    And BTW I'll fly to Los Angeles because of Michael - I'll visit the Neverland Ranch, Forest Lawn, his villa etc. (but of course also the typical sights like the Walk Of Fame, Hollywood Sign..). A holiday in Los Angeles is very expensive for the European (because of the very long flight) so it will be a very special experience there!

    Once again, thank you for your reply and for your help!
    Hi there, just wanna say that it's really nice you enjoyed your stay in Munich! Did you like the historic buildings, its near to the Alps or simply the atmosphere?

    I see you had a flight to Heathrow not long ago. Next year I will also fly to Heathrow. But I've heard some bad things about the airport and you have to know that I worry about every little thing. I know it's a silly question but can you tell me whether Heathrow is really so chaotic and bad like many people say or is it actually okay?
    A few days ago you gave me reputation for one of my posts.
    A bit late, but thanks :)
    Hey man, I know what you were saying. I do think they need a thread of their own, it was really just the manner in which gottobethere posted that thead. It was as if she was trying to get everyone who doesnt share her view to shut up and look forward to the album.

    Ai appreciate that you agree with my posts, I agree with all yours too. Its good to see there are still people here with their heads screwed on!
    Thanks for the info! I heard about the song Billie Jean Dream by LL, but haven't actually listened to it yet. Gotta go and listen.
    Hi:) I just saw your siggie and the R.Kelly quote. I think it's cool. Been an R.Kelly fan for about 7 years now. Can you let me know where it's from? And if you don't mind, can I post it on another community?
    nope, don't know what your on about. Must be a thread that you wanted to make? X
    hello!! :D there you go, its gorgeous!!
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