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  • Looks like other people asked you before - do you work in the industry? Your musical knowledge is beyond amazing. I saw your post in the Phil Collins thread and wanted to just show my appreciation. You could probably give a run for their money to many people who earn their living by judging musicians and their output. If you don't already work for a music magazine, you should lol.

    Unlike you, my musical culture is much more limited and I can't blame time, lack of exposure or geopolitics on the fact that I could never really get into 60s and 70s music :p Not to mention that all of the names you mentioned there were completely foreign to me. I am ignorant when it comes to these issues and I must admit it.

    Keep spreading your knowledge. You truly are awe-inspiring. Your passion for the field is beyond obvious :)
    O lol ok I thought they restricted me or something lol. Thanks. Ive been jamming to Mike all day, its crazy its been a year since his passing and it feels like yesterday. His spirit is very much alive today.
    Do you know whats wrong with this forum lately? It doesnt show the other forums when I come here it only shows the MJJC Love tribute forum and thats it... is it just me or does it do the same for you to?
    Duran its just no use talking to some people here... its almost as if your talking to a brick wall and its hella annoying because they expect to be taken seriously but its clear they have no clue about what they talk about and are very immature.
    Dumb threads are always popular here, and just about everywhere, unfortunately.

    Thank you for the rep.
    Hello DuranDuran how r u ? :)

    Thx for taking the time to leave me a visitor message. I cannot remember the comments you are referring to but thx for thanking me for them. Indeed, i like The Carpenters but discovered them very recently. Among the few songs i have managed to hear, i like several of 'em but was disappointed many times. I have their album called "Close to you" + the one called "The Carpenters- Gold ". I love Karen's voice, her voice is so beautiful + shen was very sexy especially when she was playing the drums.

    Have a nice weekend amigo or amiga :) (sorry i do not know your gender)
    Ive seen some of his comments before on prince org and they seem very Timmylike to me lol but I havent been there recently but that doesnt surprise me. MJ boards really sugarcoat stuff... they sugarcoat everything and I know over there things are pretty much more blunt lol
    Hey DuranDuran how are u?
    Its funny you mentioned Timmy because I talked to him a little bit over youtube and he said he was done with the KOP board so im guessing his through with MJ boards lol I really dont blame him MJ boards are wack now and the two main ones are very horrible now completely different from how they use to be.... Im always keeping it real on both boards and never hold back.. alot of people think im mean especially on the KOP board I go by a different username there but im really not mean just speak truth which is foreign on most MJ boards nowadays.
    I use to go to a prince site, housequake as well but it got shutdown. Its funny u mention Timmy his known here as "troubleman", he doesnt come to KOP at all and its more than likely for the same reason. I miss all those posters. I dont understand why fans cant have a more broader range of music interest You would think since this IS a mj board it would be that way but its the opposite Just because we like MJ who was a pop artist doesnt mean popular music is ALL we have to discuss I love Mike but I listen to a wide range of things and have interest in discussing those things because I am a music lover Its also the same in the regular mj discussion part of board, there is no real intellectual discussion, its just the same cliche topics and when posters try to touch it realistically they get crucified when in reality thats what forums are about real discussion not make a post and no one is suppose to respond to what you post I'm just really tired of this trend that is destroying MJ boards
    THANKSSS!! R u a member of the KOP Board? because the music forum is a disgrace over there. Ur threads and alot of other peoples music diversity over here is the reason why I come! I love good music and DIFFERENT types of music and I greatly respect someone when they listen to music THEY enjoy rather to conforming to whats popular. Ill stop rambling lol thanks for the link!
    lol yea I love Badu, soul music. Im a lil bit into all genres. I dig real music. I swear I was born in the wrong generation lol all I listen to is old skool.
    Hey! Your Welcome :) I love reading your posts! And I love the links you provide to old school rare jams by the jackson family (and other artists for that matter). So how long have been an mj fan? How and why did you become a fan? R u a fan of any other Jackson family members?
    Ah ok, thanks! She has serious abs. Kind of like Olympic swimmer Dara Torres but she's 40+ years old.
    Not that I always agree with you, but you know about music and I enjoy reading your posts.
    I could imagine your brain looking like a HMV store or some music megastore lol as weird as that sounds. Is there anything concerning music you dont have atleast a slight knowledge of. Like who are you??? :lol: :p. Even though I dont always know the people you talk about I enjoy visting your threads
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