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    Elvis Presley

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    Destiny's child fan club vh1 special

    new song
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    Randy & The Gypsies

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    Randy & The Gypsies

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    Picture Of The Day

    young Redd Foxx & older brother Fred G. Sanford Jr.
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    Michael Jackson's attitude towards women in his music

    It's also ironic that mj_frenzy says that something is fake and also is spouting off what critics think. Critics praise artists like John Lennon, who is said to be a "working class hero" and John Mellencamp & Bruce Springsteen, who make songs about the working man and small town life. When all 3...
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    Michael Jackson's attitude towards women in his music

    All music must be "fake" then, since pretty much everything in hip hop has been in songs long before it existed. There's the Johnny Cash killing a man to watch him die. Folsom Prison Blues came out in the 1950s. There's pre-hip hop songs that have violence like Bad Leroy Brown (Jim Croce)...
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    What are your favorite Party songs?

    The majority of the threads in this section are old and so are the ones in the 2300 Jackson Street section, if you look at when they were started. 🤣 Because they were created before most of the posters left the site and it was busy back then. There was an entire separate section for non-Jackson...
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    Thor: Ragnarok

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    Leela James ~ Complicated
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    Out Sound/Experimental

    Herbie Hancock ~ Rain Dance (1973) / Nobu (1974)
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    The Blues Thread

    John Lee Hooker ~ I'm Gonna Kill That Woman