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  • ♥~~~~~~~♥Through Life there is a JOURNEY,through journey there is STRENGTH,through strength there is a HERO,through a hero there is CHANGE♥~~~~~~~♥
    No problem! I am well today. Dreading tomorrow though with this Oprah and Mrs. Katherine interview. But I must be srtong for Michael. :)
    Thank You for adding me. I think the colors of your page are so electrafying just like our Immortal King, Michael!
    Hey girl! :) Yea true that we never talk on FB. I'm under the impression that you hardly log on since you don't post status updates as regularly as I do lol! Thanks for reaching out though. Sings* ''Reachin' out.. I touch her shoulder'' lol sorry I just had to,Lol: How are you though?
    The world needs more people like you! I'm happy to hear about your goals with children - I'm happy knowing that there's people like you that will be working in that field.
    Much :wub:
    Hey Romi, this message is a tad bit delayed, but I wanted to thank you for your comment on my birthday which was on January 31st. I wasn't able to log onto the forum since then. I wish you and your family a wonderful weekend.

    God bless, Nicholas
    Aw, sorry to hear you've had a tough week! :( Glad it's over, although one year now sounds and feels so weird.
    Good luck with your senior year and the internships, it's the same for me! ;)
    See ya around darlin'!
    girl of course I HAVEN'T... LOL! i have seen your other posts. the siggy one. its no use. some people are so perfect that they find us human beings with flaws unthinkable
    girl don't waste you breath. man a lot of people are so negative and judgmental. whatever! :billiejean:
    Hi Romi!, sorry to bother u again!, but i created a new Facebook account, Reason? well Dod Alfay is not my real name and in my little town noone recognises me for it, so i closed the Dod Alfay one and now i will invite you to my new account called Vanesa Dietz, so please accept me, and sorry for bothering once more :)

    But its all for l.o.v.e, LOVE

    Love and hugs Vanesa
    Hey there whats up....
    I haven't get the change to get to talked to you on facebook.... cause I be hangin out with my firends more often & of course I get a little sick.... but now I'm getting better! hey if you wanna chit-chat sometime, then thats alright with me!
    Ooh, how did your finals go? Hope the summer classes will be somehow fun! :)
    Good for you that you only have one more year left! Me too! Can't wait to graduate, haha.
    I'm doing okay, looking forward to the summer...I'll probably go see Captain EO in Disneyland Paris! :wild:
    Hi dahlin'! :happy: Just poppin' in to show some love and say hi!
    Haven't seen you around lately. All going well there...?
    Cool! :lol: I didn't think that was you really. ;) I re-add you. :flowers: Happy belated Easter to you as well.
    :waving: Hey.. You know we added each other on Yahoo a long time ago,but I keep getting really odd IM's from your screen name and I don't think it's you lol! :lol: would you send me your Yahoo s/n so I can make sure I have it entered correctly? mine is the same as here at MJJC - just I hope you're doing well! :wub:
    Hi Romi*
    It's great to hear from you..I was wondering about you,because I've not heard from you in a while. I've been going through some real bad things,but hearing from you makes me feel a better. Always L.O.V.E :heart:

    Aaw yeah I understand! But good you're working hard on your future girl! ;) That NYC thing from Spike Lee is amazing indeed, I wish I could come...but I guess that wouldn't work out for me in terms of money. But who knoooows, it's quite some time away! :lol:
    Hi Romi baby! Good to see you around! Hope you're doing well?! :huggy:
    Hey! I know,it has been hectic. "Like woooah" I am doing Okay,considering. I just wanted to give you a :huggy: and let ya know I'm around..makin' sure everyone gets some love out to them. :D
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