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  • thaaaank you 4 the pic. so cuteeee =)
    so much snow??? oh noooooo
    thats not good In the part of germany were I live, it snows and freez all the time too :D
    we need summer ....:(
    Yeah I kown but only as mj firends we all have to sick together! :Hug: even I'm going thorugh some hard times!
    Hey babygurl :hug:
    how are you??? I´m fine now ;)
    just wanna say that you´re a really pretty gurl
    saw your pic´s on facebook :hug:
    4 you :
    Hey there firend I just wanna say that thx for being a MJ firend to me because I love talking to some MJ fans for all over the world!'s okies and yes! MJ sleep over! I got DVD's and Tapes! lol! Yeah March is good! I'm gonna take some time off from work then too! shoot! we should go to Disney for Captain EO!
    I love your page! It makes me happy! it's soooooo jumping at me! hehe! I'm gonna pimp mine out this week! lol! yes!

    I believe Prince and Paris are the fans adopted babies now! hehe! We will watch out for them..just like Daddy Mike. I'm sure Michael is soooooooooo proud of them. Sad cause they should not even be going through this right now.

    I still blame everything that happened to Michael on the media. Even if they were not the ones who gave MJ dipervan..they are the cause of it. (Sorry to bring that up) but basically yeah. Cause if he had the help he needed and people were not out to abuse him and he would not have had issues with sleep. But anyways..he is safe now and free. I'm sure he misses the babies but will always be with them and in our hearts.

    Oh well! I was not expecting much out the 3D glasses but I did see lil flowers and birdies floating in front of me! hehe!

    Wanna do lunch this weekend somewhere? let me know? I miss you all.

    God Bless,
    Hello :D
    I am ready to watch..but yes agreed,it's going to be emotional. :cry: ..I know I saw the rehearsal too and was like :eek: just amazed,but sad you know..? I guess it's hard to really imagine what it will be like.. After last night with the merit awards and all the 'gossip' I am not sure if they will be there(PPB) I wouldn't mind them to be there,afterall it's their father and if they want to do it then that's fine by me. I feel like they have a chance to see what their father means to the world tonight,but however it happens..I'll support the good in it,because..No matter it's for Michael..his Children and his Legacy. :hug:

    :lol: I know It crashed I was like what the :hello: ya know? ;) I knew because so many memebers was on the one thread.. I wish Gaz good luck too.
    Either way,I send you a hug :huggy:
    Peace & L.O.V.E
    ~ T ~
    :hello: there
    How have you been ..Tonight's Grammy's will be emotional at the least. I'll be happy to just see a beautiful tribute no matter what.
    sending out a major L.O.V.E
    I´m sorry my english is so bad I meant Laptopbag...:lmao: cause I´ve got a Laptop at Christmas but no bag included...:(. Hope you´ll like it....=)
    you just starred at your cover cause you´ve had no blurayplayer :lmao: kihihi
    thats cool my boyfriend laughed as well :D ...
    I´m doing fine,bought a Laptopback today =)
    cause I had non before..
    and what are you doing??
    are you a student or a puple or what?? :)
    Btw, what happened to Kate (So So Def)? Is she really banned? God, this just doesn't seem something that would happen to her. I know she gets into heated discussions at times but.. anyways. Just in shock I guess. Thanks . :)
    Thanks so much for the Birthday wish.... just checked a few of my messages now lol. Talk to you soon. :)

    BTW, LOOVVE the purple in here lol
    Happy Birthday Romi! :clapping::cheers::tease::dancin:

    I wish you a great one. ;D

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