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  • Hey Logan just heard about the earthquake in Christ Church just checking in to make sure all is okay your way, take care and I'll talk to you soon

    stay safe sweetie
    Yeah, lot's of users have stopped coming since all the drama began :p
    Sounds good :D
    why did you have to say "stay young"? :mello:
    actually today is ma birfday
    :secret: I turn 29 BOOOOOOOOO :girl_weeping:
    Well I'm glad to see that you are okay and that there was no damage in your area, I was a little worried at 1st cause I hadn't seen you online thats why Daniel added you to msn that day.

    I don't know why he added you though cause I just asked if he still spoke to you and if he did were you alright :)
    Vinyl is a great music IMO. I have at least 30 EJ LP's and jeez, I have no idea how many 45's.... and the cool thing with his, is that every new cd he puts out, they also put it out on vinyl because of the collectors. Makes it SO nice. I need to get a proper record player and all myself. One day....
    What kind of stuff you have on LP?
    Hey quit reminding me of my age lol. That is what is cool about you... you actually like the physical disks! It's just not the same in digital format. Not as exciting....
    You have how many? lol I'm impressed!
    That is very true.... I'm thinking it's just an emotional thing for me yet, making money off him blah blah blah.... too sensitive about it yet. I'm sure over time many things will be released.
    Hahaha no waiting all night outside for it? :p
    Hrmmmm.... I'll probably end up getting it. Wasn't sure if I would or not. Part of me, morally, doesn't like they are releasing it, but then, the fan part...is curious as hell....
    Cool! You have to let me know how it is. I been spinning The Rising a lot lately, been in the mood for it. So have you heard any of these new MJ songs? Haven't heard any yet. How are they???
    I figured you piled on the postage :D
    Your Xmas card went out today, we'll have to see how long it takes to get there :p
    Ohhh I wish I had a couple weeks off! LOL!
    But you still have to study.. so you're not schoolfree! :(
    Hay Edgie!
    Long time no talk! :D

    Alot of things going on of course!
    But I'm great.. How are you?
    Hey I understand and wanted to be sarcastice myself with that mess
    well I was but in the politest way I could _ My temper is also running short
    I cant sleep .. This has really upset me _ Love you :)
    That's fantastic that you are doing well, I haven't seen you on msn lately so I was wondering what had happened :unsure:

    Our school just started back yesterday, so they are already back thank god now I can walk around the shopping centre without having little rugrats running around :giggle:

    Hope you block exams go well when you sit them in November, all the best in them as well though I'm pretty sure you'll pass with flying colours :)

    I've been very busy since I've came back from Cairns with babysitting my little nephew's helping mum around the house and working on my niece's MJ presentation for school which she showed the class yesterday :)

    Now I'm looking at planning the next vacation for Christmas not sure if it's going to be the Gold Coast, Melbourne or Sydney yet but it will definitely be one of those places :)
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