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    Sign The Book Of L.O.V.E.

    Stefanie Zurich, Switzerland
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    The best voice close to mike! Wow

    I don't like it. But on some parts he really does sound like Michael
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    Does anybody cry every single day??

    I don't cry everyday. I often cry when I see him on television, especially now with the end of the year coming. Because I know they're gonna bring something on him, I'll watch it and then I always have to cry. I don't know how long this is gonna last. but on the other hand I fear I will forget...
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    Blanket Cries For His Daddy

    my god, this is perfect. It reminds me to start drawing again myself.
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    The Absolute Cutest Widdle Kitty...

    my god, this is too cute!!
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    OMG Check this out!

    You Are "Man in the Mirror" You are sensitive and thoughtful. You're the type of person who's always trying to better him or herself. You believe that we change the world one person at a time. If you are the best you can be, the world is a little better for it. You reflect often on your...
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    Where were you/what were you doing when you heard the news? [ Merged ]

    Re: Where were you/what were you doing when you heard the news? I was in the shower and the radio was on. Someone wanted the radio people to play Man in the Mirror (you can call and ask for a song). Then the presenter said, she couldn't believe Michael Jackson was dead. It was like a shock for...
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    **New Date**'This Is It' Movie - released 28th Oct (topics merged)

    Re: This Is It - In cinemas October 30th Exactly! :yes::yes: I guess I just have to wait again for something I truly look forward to.
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    New Studio Album Expected Sales "Poll"

    I'll buy one copy, and then I probably will decide if I buy one copy for my brother-in-law, just to state clearly to him that I'm a real fan :D
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    Cheer up thread!!! Elimination game for Invincible! WINNER ON page 58 / post 864!

    Re: Cheer up thread!!! Elimination game for Invincible! ROUND 6 - page 29 / post 422! VOTE NOW! :) Heaven can wait
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    New Unreleased Song Leaked ... Just A Snippet

    I heard it today morning on the radio. It soo made my day :D
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    *HOT OFF THE PRESS!* NEW MJ Waxwork Unveiled This Morning At Madame Tussauds, London! Pics Inside!

    I was at Madam Tussaux just last Monday looking for that MJ-wax figure. But they still had the "bad" one. I thought the new one was already there. I feel stupid now!
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    2min Video Of Michael Watching TII Auditions

    ^^^^ Yeah he did :) Thank you so much for that.
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    Who's doing ok now?

    I heard about it on Friday morning on the radio. I had to check the internet to make sure, and then I couldn't stop crying. But I had to go to work, and was constantly on the verge of tears. Every radio station was playing Michael Jackson all day. When I was home again I broke down crying and...
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    The MJJC July 13th 02 Vigil General Discussion From Page 36 [UPDATE: Post 1]

    Re: July 13th Vigil @ The O2 Meet up thread [Update: Post 1] I will be there.