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  • I'm sorry things are so crap for you Malc.

    You sound really angry or aggitated or something.
    I can understand that but you'll see things getting easier in time. :)
    I understand. Some days are worse than others for me too.
    I'm not gonna bore you with all the psycho-analyical talk.
    We deal with things in our own ways. I do hope that things start
    to brighten up for you.

    Yeah, Helen. Dont you talk to her anymore?

    Howz Celeste then? :)
    Awwww, Malc, I'm sorry. I wish it woulda been better.
    Other than your b-day, howz it going? Howz Helen?
    Smaaah higgly la do do oshposhbegosh! :D :)
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