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  • ha ha, there are a few fans from leeds funily enough. Must be the rounday park gigs from bad and dangerous tours, i bet they made a lot of fans here.
    How are you friend?
    where you live?
    I live in Brasil
    God bless you :better:
    Your welcome :hug:
    I am feeling better but still feel weak and tired ... I'm going to see my doctor tomorrow. :)

    Hugs & much Love to you :heart:
    Hey sweetie, saw your comment about having a b-day today so I just wanted to wish you a very happy one. May all your wishes and dreams come true. :heart: :hug:
    How are you?
    Happy Birthday my friend.
    God bless you.
    I love you.. Kisses
    Happy Birthday Emma! I hope you have a great one, and I wish you the very best in life. :hug: Thanks for being a wonderful person to talk to during tough times. Your friendship is valuable, and I hope it'll last for a long time.

    Thank you, swetheart.
    I'm feeling very weak right now, so will go rest now..
    My muscles and bones are just weak. Sometimes to the point of trembling inside and hardly able to stand or walk without help. :cry:
    Thank you, sweetie. :hug: But I still feel so sick. All my muscles hurt. I also feel like I can't breathe, my chest hurts. I just don't know what to do. :cry:
    Thank you sweetie. Today's pretty rough. I keep thinking that this isn't real, but then I'm brought back to the reality of it all, and it feels like someone punched me in the stomach and ripped my heart out.I try to think he's finally happy now, but that still doesn't make it easier on me because I just miss him so much. :weeping:

    I hope you are okay. Love you.
    Bless you too. :huggy:
    Believe me, I know exactly how you feel. I was meant to see Michael on January 9th and I felt awful. I just cried the entire day. I was so happy to be able to see him again. Now all of my dreams are crushed. I feel so alone right now... I don't know how to handle this pain, I can't control it. I miss Michael so so much. I would ask for nothing more if he just was alive. :weeping:

    Thanks for your support, I am here for you if you need me x
    Those thoughts keep running through my mind. I wouldn't ask for a thing, not an album, not an interview, not a photo...nothing. I just want him here on Earth, alive and smiling with his children. :weeping:

    I can't right anymore the tears are making it hard to see the letters on the keyboard.
    I know what you mean. My happiness really is forever gone from me. Now sadness and misery has forever taken it's place. And I have gotten very used to feeling that way now. When Michael was still with us I was always laughing, smiling. Because I was just so happy knowing that Michael was somewhere in the world doing something. But now it is not like that for me anymore. :( I always constantly thinking about him. And always wishing that I was with him. Because he really is the only one in the entire world that can forever take away the pain, sadness, and the depression that I am always feeling now. And the only time when I am not feeling that is when I am asleep. I just so badly wish I could sleep for eternity. It is such a torturous hell not having Michael in this world. I don't know what to do anymore. I cried 5-6 times today. I am crying now. :weeping:
    Thank you sweetie. :huggy:
    As usual I feel lousy. I am sad, depressed, miserable. I so badly wish I was with Michael right now. :weeping: Hope you're doing okay yourself. x
    Aw, thank you.. means a lot to me.. I am feeling awful right now.. I can't stop the tears. I can't stop thinking of Michael every moment of the day, I love him so so so so much, what a crazy love! I want him back! :weeping: Wish I could give my life.. I can't anymore...my resistance is breaking.
    Aw, I'm okay. Thank you so much. :huggy:

    I just cant believe it has been 7 months....in one way it feels like a year and in the other it feels like a week. I'm crying so hard right now.. I cant breathe... :no: :cry:

    Sending you hugs!
    Thanks, lovely. A Merry Christmas to you too and all the best in 2010.

    Oh, I love your thread. I thought Michael was always beautiful during the trial! :wub: But If you look into his eyes you can see all the pain and sorrow he was going through. :( Poor baby.

    Love and hugs xxx
    hiii emmaaaa;

    can't waaait to watch BUCHAREST together later <3 will be aweeeesome!!!
    im going shopping tomorrow so will ge those plastic wallets for my SB (Y)

    lovee youu millions!

    whaat you up to today?
    i might do more of my SB not sure yet
    i have rehersals for Annie later as well :)

    iluu xx
    only a couple more early wake ups! i can't belive youu finish tomorrow unfair lol!
    on friday we'll mj loads! i'll phone youu and we'll watch loadsa stuff

    x loveya
    we will.we will <33
    michael :'(
    we will always love you

    i hope i can make 26th july..it will be so amazing meeting you and stuff <33

    thanks for being there em- i'm always here 4 you..you know that xxxxxxxxx
    GREAT choices! :) ooh I have a long list hahaaa :
    unbreakable, wanna be ss, baby be mine, get on the floor, liberian girl, TWYMMF, MITM, keep the faith, shedrives me wild, in the closet, thriller,billie jean,beat it, human nature, on the line, +++
    OMG just thinking about it is crazy!!! we have MJ concerts ahead of us!!!! in 32 days and 23 hours (and 31 minutes) loL!!! :D
    hey:) haha yeah I've been saving for 12 years for this..since I was 7 and saw his concert on TV . I then decided I AM gonna see him once and started saving on my own jackson account,lol :D
    so I've been waiting for this moment though for 14 years so I just had to get as many tickets as I can as I don't know if I'll ever see him again on stage. there's no guarantee you know =/ so had to take the chance while I can :)

    and hey!! one concert is amazing :D you'll get ur experience of a lifetime!!!! we're so lucky we get to be there :) what songs do u want to hear?
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