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  • Hi, you're welcome for the thread I posted with the Finish Strong video. I love it, it's so amazing how one person can make such a difference in the way you think about life. He inspired me a great deal and is helping me through a tough period at the moment. Glad it inspired you! :D
    :) I think you're right on spot with your thinking. I really like your U/N now alot! Your welcome if you ever looking for certain pics I hope I can help you find them.

    :huggy: :wub:
    Hello. great news about you getting your laptop! does happy-dance with you :dancin:
    You want to change your username here.. uhmmm,I have to say I really love Emerald,but the other is cool too. Are you asking me IMHO what I think of the new username?..or thoughts on another :lol: because I honestly like both. What help I am eh.. :cheeky:
    *Emerald.. I found the clover smilie :lol: i was looking all through the smilies for one of our PM's and I couldn't find it..and today it is right there --> :clover: I wanted to use it for St. Pattys Day. Never too late,I suppose.
    Hope that you're weekend is going well for you*
    :waving: Hi..
    :lol: yep..I know the pain three laptops thank god I was only renting the first 2 to see if I really liked them. :cheeky: I wish you all the luck with yours or getting a new one that you like a bunch. as always any help needed just hit me up. :huggy:
    Much L.O.V.E
    Oh that is really great to know. 'Fill' means 'Return'. I love learning new things. Thanks again! :huggy:
    Darn that sucks about your computer..I hope it does come back on for you,that is alot of work that you did. If you need any pictures again..I could help you find them so you may replace all that you are able. Jeeze..i know about computers going bad,I had to switch 3 different laptops in just this year!!! :wild: lol... I feel your pain.
    :idea: Maybe another place you could search for MJ pictures are in Man In The Mirror section too.
    souldreamer7 ;)
    :wild: Thank You!! :huggy: I looove that song. :yes:
    I thought it was 'Feel..Feel' Thank you so very much for helping me get the song title..I've always wanted to know that for some years now.
    I hope that you're liking the vistors message. You know you can change your colors on your profile too. don't be sorry.. I understand. :flowers:

    Ohh Yes I know that one. :)
    I meant the youtube link I sent to you in my last PM. It's an Irish song.. it's starts at 1 minute and 19 seconds. It was in the last Private Message I sent to you..but here's the link again. :)

    Did you get my last PM? :scratch:

    :wub: :rollingpeace:
    your welcome :)

    Do you by chance know the Title to the song in the video I sent to you in the last PM?
    Thanks :wub:
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