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    HAPPY NEW YEAR ERCAN! :rollingpeace:
    Dear Ercan,
    Thank you again and again for the great special gift.. It's a real SURPRISE for me. You're one of the kindest and thoughtful people in my life.

    Thank you again.. Happy new year..

    with L.O.V.E.
    Thanks Trina :huggy:, Thanks Yana :huggy:

    Yana Reel not cake but you Reel friend !!!
    OMGGGGG! Did you make this for me?! I am in tears right now, that is amazing! Thank you so much. I love it. I love YOU!!!!!
    ercan you are so nice! thank you so much for the happy birthday wishes special friend.:flowers:
    Ercan, thank you so much for your birthday message, it was very thoughtful to write it in portuguese. Foi muito gentil! (You are so nice!). Hugs for you and best wishes! :hug:
    ahhh ercan! thanks so much for the birthday wishes! :D:Dthat put a big smile on my face!:snuggles:
    Thanks i'm fine my dear friend Karina and Thanks for nice wishes :hug:
    Hi my dear Ercan! How r u? :) Just visited to wish you good night and great day tomorrow:)
    Thanks i'm fine my friend !!! my life continual work , work , work .... unfortunataley few leisure !!! sometimes happy , sometimes sad !!! but In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life : it goes on.
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