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  • Not guilty! I came across the thread by accident - honest! I'm fine thank you. In fact it's my birthday today. I'm nearly 40 now. Doesn't time fly? How is it with lovely you?
    Ha, wicked delayed response, but yes I'm still around! :) Mostly I come in once in a while for headlines and lurk. Nothing can keep me away from MJ talk for too long :D. I keep meaning to poke my head in at MaxJax but I've been steering clear of MJ forums & sites for the most part... I guess it's still too much of a bummer for me :(.

    How are you? Well I hope!
    Grrrlfran, you are giving me a run for my money with those stalking skillz of yours.

    You were right about this place. Ick.
    Haha, glad you liked them! I just changed it though. But yes, I'll send you the photos via PM, if you still want them. :)
    It's strange seeing him universally loved again rather than the laughing stock he was. Very disconcerting and un-nerving. Not sure what that says about the human race. Probably that we're a bunch of two-faced hypocrites with no more sincerity than a starving hyena.

    Not us though! We're ace.
    I adored it. Absolutely loved it. Every worry I had about him vanished. As you know from my constant HIStory tour/miming posts I was worried that he could actually sing anymore. So to hear, IJCSLY & Human Nature sung so beautifully really set my mind at rest. He just seemed so normal (ish). And although many of the routines had been done before, there would have been enough done differently to make it fresh and relevant. It was hard to imagine that I should have been sat there on opening night. The whole thing is still so, so strange.
    I've only posted twice since coming back here (I was onbriefly before MaxJax started). I posted in the Beyonce thread as people were saying she copied Mike too much (bitch) and everything Mike did was original. I posted a TouTube vid of Fred Astaire when he was in the whole Smooth Criminal get up. Some crazy bint gave me negative reputation and called me a troll! I think all the crazy MJ fans have doubled in craziness since June. Is it like that on MaxJax?
    Ha! I only came on recently to catch up with Dr Murray goings on. Apparently he's worse than Hitler and should get the death penalty.
    I really like your avatar, do you have a full picture?
    Hi, it's one of the ones that have been held over. Once we have settled in with the new server and they finish fixing our database glitches then Gary will be designing a rotating skin that allows everyone's work to be displayed :yes:
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