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  • Merry Christmas
    what a mess :no:

    I really can't wait to hear the other songs on the album, maybe we will then forget about this mess.. wishful thinking?? :D
    but come on, there MUST be enough songs to make one album with Michael's vocals. Even if they weren't completely finished, there must be songs that don't need someone else filling most parts of the song!

    anyway, i think i'm starting to believe Michael really is on BN until someone confirms it's not him.. :bugeyed I really don't know!!!
    yeah i understand that.. but there must be songs that has michael's vocals all over the song, too, so what i don't understand is why would sony put few "fake" songs on the album when they could have replaced them with songs that has michael's vocals..

    i'm just sooooooo tired of this whole mess!
    yeah it's annoying me too.. like everytime, there's SOMETHING ruining the fun when there's something new coming from Michael. I like the new song too, but all the people are making me so confused :( And this whole mess just makes me miss Michael so much, because if he was here there wouldn't be these problems.. sigh.

    But you're right, we should just enjoy the new album. I'm really looking forward to hearing the other tracks there :) Hopefully they won't raise this much controversy..
    Oh it's that long, wow! Have fun there :cheeky:

    I have to go sleep now (the Breaking News thread always has me glued to my pc for hours when I should be sleeping, and I don't even know if I want to know all the things that's come out there.. :doh: :no:), early wakeup for work tomorrow ;) :bye:
    oh it's totally fine, hope you're ok :hug:

    my job is nice, I love the people I work with, they make the days and weeks go so fast! You still haven't found a job have you? :)
    Awww me too but hey at lest MJJC is a home for all the mj fans you kown & some other mj fan forums sites as well.
    Nope I don't know yet.. actually I'm a bit confused now since I don't have a clue when they're going to call but hopefully it works out soon!

    I'm sure that qualification is going to be useful to you :yes: Good luck, again! :D
    Aww :( I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll find something soon! :yes:

    Yeah I was lucky, I sent my application to this recruitment company (you know, they call when they find a job for you) and I got some kind of packing job from a factory :p Like I said I don't know yet when I'll start but I'm just happy that I got the job, it's not far from where I live and they pay pretty well for it :)
    I got a job!!! Actually I didn't get it yet but it's very likely I'll start in the coming weeks. I'm so relieved right now :) Hopefully I can now finally move to my own apartment, too.

    Have you had any luck with your job applications?
    good to hear youre ok :)
    well i would be happy with any kind of job right now hehe. its so hard to find anything when i dont have profession and not so much working experience either.. i've sent a few applications and hoopefully something works out of them!
    do u have any plans for mj's birthday btw? :)
    heyy :) yep it's been a while.. but i've been just fine.. looking for a job atm. how have you been?! :)
    fine... just enjoyin my weekend here in the us! well thats ok but I on here also I just come on there sometimes!
    Hi how r u ? Sorry for disturbing u, i'm searching for my lil half-sister whom i'd like to be in touch with since i havent seen her since i was little. She lives in the US. All i have is her first name, do u know what website i could use to find her plz ?
    Hey how r u ? Did u see what happened to that woman in Connecticut ? Its not that new i guess u heard about it. A woman was attacked by a pet chimpanzee. I didnt post a link in the forum as i dunno if everybody can handle it. Maybe someone already posted it i dunno. Now i do understand what mike was saying when he was saying that he had to get away from Bubbles because of its attitude and power. Lemme warn u, if u watch the video make sure its censored if u cannot handle graphic footages, what the chimp did to her face is hard to see.
    Hi! Das ist ja abgefahren, ihr habt euch über ein MJ Forum kennengelernt? Das ist ja interessant... *baff*

    Danke auch für die Freundschaftsanfrage!

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