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  • AH NO PROB, BOB! she's a good person. haven't spoken with her for two yrs but i know she loves her kids and she doesn't look at prince any differently or love him any less than she loves paris or michael (jr.)
    then i will tell you, he looks incredible. his smile is very uplifting... yes, it is bittersweet to see but he looks ready to kick ass :D
    rainy and dreary ... like my emotions this past week :(
    had not seen you on the board and wanted to make sure you were doing OK.
    glad to hear from you :)
    had not seen you on the board and wanted to make sure you were doing OK.
    glad to hear from you :)
    :hug: thankyou I hope you're taking care of yourself. I'm sorry it was under these circumstances too.
    man when trolls are bored, lame shit happens. glad someone was on the lookout and took care of it. i was at work!
    LOL I can see how that would distract you! Just keep reminding yourself, the sooner you get the exam over and done with, the sooner you can get back to LEGS. I have facebook but I don't really use it anymore.. I'll PM you the info anyways :D
    Just stopping by your profil to say "hey!" and "we are going to the MJ concert at the same date!" :p
    Have a nice day!
    Oh me too! I am not sure how possible it will be to find people among 20,000 but maybe to meet up at the club house before hand? The place Gaz has set up for us all? Where are you coming from? We can talk more as the date comes up and plan something. There are so many people who I would love to meet. Somehow an old friend of mine got tickets the same date I did, and we didn't speak about it before hand so it was a nice fluke. It's going to be great!
    Well I do hope that he does to the US so all the fans over there can get a chance to see him as I know its pretty expensive for them to fly over to the UK in this economic climate right now. I have a funny feeling that he will though, I'm thinking that the final concerts he does will be on US soil :).
    That's really really cool that you are going on the 14th July. It's going to be such a great night, I'm really looking forward to it especially since it will be my first time seeing MJ in concert.
    so now I'm in between to thank you for rep points I'd also like not to exist.
    I'm just so not in all these popularity games somehow. Would prefer to not take part at least.
    Well actually I posted what I posted only to support L.J.... I don't know if it has to be this way... I see it just from to time it always returns to being this way. I really think when we will have some more real news... some music... or a message from Michael times will change again.
    I see it, you got my point. Well L.J. didn't get my chill pill... bad for her... mine are always out of chocolate! it works... really... try if you don't believe me! lol
    Where are you? You're missed here! Hope things are all well for you and yours!
    And I hope you'll be back soon!
    hey EC, hope every thing's cool or maybe you're off enjoying your summer but i noticed i ain't been seeing much of your wisdom posts around here lately. :p

    peace mean that "minimum posts" restriction? :p
    That's a default option. I'm not sure if we should re-enable it again...maybe to have 5 posts to use PMs?


    Yes, that was a great quote and perfect for the song. It's a special song, then again many of his are. Hey we have some of the same friends :D cool. Take care and see you around the forums!
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