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  • Hello, you may not know me but I've missed you so much and had been looking for ways to get in touch with you for a long time-amost 5-6 years. I've got to talk to you. Hope you get this message. pl. let me know thanks so much.
    Hey! I missed you all! Once Michael was acquitted, I left. I would back off when I felt he was doing fine. But when he was going through, I would mount up.

    I am still at a biotech firm outside of ATL that I've been at for the past 10 years.; dabbling in songwriting, but MJ was my motivation.

    Tonight, I found myself on YouTube watching the MJ home videos and funniest moments - I laughed and laughed with Michael - it was SO comforting. It felt like it was just the two of us, me and my Michael, laughing. I even wandered into some YouTube video about "MJ's 'Pony'" (by some gal who is most assuredly hot in the tail). It gave me a good laugh, when it wasn't making me go hmmmm cause of that way he had of showing what he was working with if ya know what I mean....(wink). I might go to LA next week for the memorial (if it still happens).
    We are definitely gonna have to keep in touch. We've got Mike's legacy to keep alive. Mount up! R U Ready?

    hey girl!

    miss you so much!

    yeah, i wish this day never, ever would have come and i wish we were all gathering under happier circumstances but it's definitely good to see the oldheads back :)

    this place was really a community, a gathering of friends and it served us greatly in the fun and dark times.

    what's been up in your life?
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