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  • Ah sounds like a lot of fun! I would love to go to theme parks. I miss Disneyland lol. I have been just getting visits from my friends from college. So just pretty much showig them around Vegas.
    Exciting! I am missing sxhool, i want it to start already. But then again I go to college lol. So what are your summer plans?
    Hey I am doing really well! Just watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and surfing the forum lol.
    lol, it is...but I can't find my custom avatar anywhere in my CP so I got a generic one and it's huge...
    (To the tune of "Heaven Can Wait" by MJ)

    Didn't I say NO?! *angry*
    You just leave now all my candy alone!!
    I don't care if I don't fit in a swimsuit
    I just eat all day
    Though you all say
    I'll put on weight
    Oh, if my pants get tight and start to burst
    I don't care, I'll just start wearing skirts LOL!
    Every chance I'll take
    To eat all day
    And put on weight

    Ice cream and Tarts
    I don't want no damn vegetables

    No rabbit food
    I won't eat any of them stupid vegetables
    My stomach's crying out for some real greasy sauce
    If you serve salad's too
    I will spit on you
    Bring me fatty food
    And bring me milk shakes
    If the lard is on the plate
    It is okay
    Who cares if I am stout?!
    And can't bend my knees?
    Can't see my toes?
    Give me my jelly beans
    If Weight Watchers came for me
    I'd tell them NO!!! LOL!

    You just leave now all my candy alone

    Me sipping tea
    And eating some apricots *Pfffftttt....roll eyes* LOL!
    And wearing tights at home
    Trying to move my bones
    I don't care if I am round
    I'm big and I am proud
    So just BEAT IT, girl!!
    Who says I still can't wear my sexy underwear?! LOL!
    If you can't take my weight
    So then just look elsewhere
    I eat what pleases me
    If Weight Watchers came for me
    I'd tell them.....
    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

    By summer
    January 6th, 2003
    Wow, that is FREAKY with the Privacy song thing!!!

    And about "I Put On Weight"....Maybe I'll make that my 50th b-day present video for MJ!!! LMAOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    Okay, I'll TRY to sing it...you'll get a copy. LOL!
    LOL! That video with MJ and Latoya still cracks me up!! LOL! Too funny!!

    OMG...you got fan stuff from the EIGHTIES???!!! I am jealous!! And yeah...I always knew you are "special"....:p LMAO!!!! Just kidding! LOL!
    LOL! Hey...."Respect's not given it's EARNED"....you gotta "earn" your place on my friend list...! LOL! ANd if ya nasty...bye bye..! :p

    Anyways...YAYYYYY!! You won a prize???!! That's awesome!!!!

    "Hi...I am summer....and I hope my friend Fayik will win an award"....LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
    WHo mentioned Heaven Can Wait...? I love that song! DId I tell you I made a parody to that song (too...)...?! LOL! "I Put On Weight"...LOL! "Didn't I say no...you just leave now all my candy alone....I don't care if I don't fit in a swimsuit...I just eat all day...thought they all say...I'll put on weight......." :D
    Yes I do.. I used to collect a lot when I was younger I don't now everything I do have is boxed up LOL things change when you get older and have different priorities and thats no longer important to me, the music is and thats all :) so I would have been willing to let you have that prize as I know you would have apperciated it more :)
    aww thank you so much! u too...I enjoy reading ur posts and u always seem even too smart for ur age lol
    you are very welcome !! u should have your badge ... shannon will send your goody as soon as the storm settle over there lol good luck on your test !! get some sleep ;)
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