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  • That is great. :clap: Drink lemon tea, and stay away from the others, and it will sure stay that way. :lol: :D

    Yeah, I'm still on my semester holidays, until April. :dance: Though I have another exam soon. :yes:

    Awesome, Long weekends are great. :wild: ... I'm going on a short trip this weekend, from Friday to Monday. :D To Berlin. I can't wait. :wild:
    I also have a red lap top (Miranda), bought it for Valentine's day. :ninja: I was in a shopping mood. :D

    My natural hair color is also dark brown. :eek: I've never dyed it, but I have used pink/purple hair extensions. :bugeyed :lol:

    My weekend was nice........short, but nice. :D
    Thank you Ferrari. And I know you mean well and stuff. But I am only like this because it is really taking it's toll on me. That I have not been able to listen to Michael for months now. And I really miss not being able to do that. And worst yet I can no longer watch him. Without having that huge fear that I could suffer another panic attack if I do try to watch him again. And I can't even begin to tell you how much I hate seeing all of my MJ video related stuff collecting dust. And there is absolutely nothing I can do about that. Since I don't even want to go near them. Let alone touch them. And at one time I used to go crazy. If I see the most littlest bit of dust on them. Now I don't even care anymore. At least Bollywood, Dr. Who, and my video and computer games has help bring some joy in to my constant miserable life. Since I can no longer get that joy from Michael anymore.:( :boohoo
    Hi Sam,

    You're welcome. :yes: You've got the same name as my pink lap top. :lol:

    Nice to meet you that your natural hair color? :unsure:
    Hehe. :D

    Thanks, I'm feeling much better today. :hug:
    Oh, no.... maybe you'll be lucky and get away without catching it too. :D :pray:
    Oh, that's not so cool. :no: ... You should see it from the positive side, you have more time to look forward to it. :D
    Thanks. :) .. I catched a little cold, so it's not so great, but it's okay. :D ... I hope you have some time to realx too. ;)
    Hi ferrari grreat name
    i it's lovely to meet you Ferrari Oh it's been fine thank you I hope for you too

    Helli there Ferrari

    Thanks for your kind message, i wish you a nice day as well, with lots of love and laughter!
    See you soon again and hope i will be abke to join the chat on Friday

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