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    Official Michael Jackson Figurines for His Birthday

    This domain is out of business... king of shop.
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    Say Goodnight to Michael

    I love you Michael, good night.
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    Mj as Willy Wonka

    N O. No. He is not a wonka. Sure he started the Michael Jackson is funny buzz but he is a normal person and not a weirdo.
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    Your Opinion - Could MJ Have Done All Fifty Shows?

    Re: you guys think he could have done all 50 shows? He was healthy. If done properly he could have done the amazing 50 shows. It was only fifty, compared to double numbers in Dangerous and HIStory.
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    Closest thing to a Michael Jackson concert is returning to Weymouth

    Navi's fat, and got a weird name... See, in my language Navi means the belly button so it's kind of bad...
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    When was the first time Michael came into your lives

    First video was from Thriller... Don't remember which... I remember 3 years old asking my mom who this brother is... Michael Jackson! Man I was hooked. It was the magic that completely encapsulated me... I remember, whenever he came up on TV... I stood still like a statue, eyes open total...
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    Michael Jackson Art Show Opens in Finland Despite Controversy

    So WHY ARE YOU NOT CELEBRATING MICHAEL JACKSON? Is he a criminal or you a punk? F******* bullsh*t
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    What do you want to see from the Estate? (fans wishlist thread)

    They all should get the original engineers to work on Days In Gloucestershire and release it on a festival. It'll get upwards 10M views on YT and a high quality finished version will be selling a LOT.
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    Which Demo Do You Wish Michael Finished?

    Re: Which demo do you wish Michael finished? Days In Gloucestershire! Touching!
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    Your Last MJ-Related Purchase

    2 new headphones as I only hear Michael's voice... Both were budget but pretty shit.
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    Michael Making a Children's Record?

    E.T! My favourite song comes from that - Someone In The Dark.
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    MJ Good News Thread

    Good news is that I love Michael like a son! Don't be enstranged... Just that I see him so close to me I thought as a son would be neat... No weird stuff though. Or if not like a son, then close family. And yes, I also love his magic.
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    Your Favorite song from "Off The Wall Album"?

    I love Off The Wall, the song. Just love it.