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    Michael Jackson 2017 Collectors Box

    Bonus: 2 or 3 CDs with unheard songs and demos. This will be a complete collection, like as I'm dreaming. I think that a blu-ray disc of MSG 2001 should be included, not a DVD.
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    has "Can't get your weight off of me" ever leaked in full

    No, it's not leaked in full and these lyrics are 100 % fake. ;) Don't ask me for the song, neither I don't have it in full version, but I wish it.
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    Is this the worst album ever?

    Just noises!
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    Happy Birthday Michael!

    Happy Birthday, Michael!
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    Bad25 commercial on MTV'

    Aha. Maybe MTV will air it again and you would record it.
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    Bad25 commercial on MTV'

    Was it like this?
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    Michael Jackson 'Bad' Remix Debuts Courtesy of Pitbull, Afrojack and DJ Buddha

    This mix was made for non-fans. I think the goal of this (terrible) mix is to attract more young fans and to discover his music made by him, in an original form.
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    Official track list of bad 25th anniversary special edition is unveiled

    Maybe Song Groove (A/K/A Abortion Papers) is related with Groove Of Midnight. Just sayin'. If they are same, we will so happy to hear MJ's version of the song.
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    Official track list of bad 25th anniversary special edition is unveiled

    But Buffalo Bill, Chicago 1945, Hot Fever or What You Do to Me?:-(
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    The love you save or il be there ?

    I'll Be There, because it's an emotional song.
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    Names of unreleased Michael Jackson songs

    There are a lot of songs worked with Neff-U between 2006 and 2009.
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    Pepsi Bad Remixes - ACTIVE [POLL Afrojack Remix]

    Me too. My ears are in pain!
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    Sign The Book Of L.O.V.E.

    L.O.V.E. is forever, you are forever, everyone is forever. The magic never dies. Florin. Focsani, Romania.
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    Michael Makes The 2012 World's Most Popular List

    Bieber deserves a dislike button. MJ's number one always.