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  • Hi! :) And thanks, .... yes I guess I will be more active again here in the future! :hello::sarmoti
    Isn't he though? Hope your doing well. Love these new emoji's.:laughing: (This one is cute...)
    Don't worry about it. I bet Michael himself wouldn't be upset with you. What count most is that you did discover him. And yeah, that concert was truly something, wasn't it? :D
    Oh, but I don't feel guilty at all - it was due to geopolitical circumstances. I had NO fault whatsoever. My location is what prevented me from hearing about Michael any sooner. That's what can happen when you are born in the 80s on the wrong side of the Berlin wall..........
    Can't argue with you, really can't :p Keep on rockin' and posting them marvelous pics you always seem to find :)
    Glad you liked it; found it on Twitter shortly before posting it here. Loved it instantly and thought it was too good of a picture not to share. Beautiful man indeed :girl_love:, downright gorgeous :wub: if I may say so meself :blush:
    You're most welcome :) About my latest comment that is. Because to be honest with you, I'm don't really remember the other pic you mentioned. Was that a late 70s pic with chest showin' and stuff? Now that I think about it, that's the one that comes to mind. In any case, Michael in checkers it's always a winning combo as far as I'm concerned. I'm a total sucker for that kind of shirts and also totally unapologetic about it too :lol:

    As far as that Dangerous in the desert photoshoot- dang, everything about that pic is perfect, isn't? The fierce, awesome, uber sexy facial expression (most especially the mouth), the hair all up in the air, them strategically placed hands.......Absolute perfection :wub: Thx again for sharing :)
    It was the one before it actually with Mickey Mouse. But I do like the Earth Song one a lot as well. I love that short film and feel a personal affinity with it because of it's message. Also the passion he brings to his whole performance, not just his vocals but the way he uses his body to express his anger at the injustices done to the planet and people.

    Good choice about the election! It truly is a horror:( I'm not able to express my feelings about it quite yet, that's how stunned I am.
    Hi, i'm glad you are fine :) yea you should answer on my board otherwise i won't see the message :)
    i don't know wich picture of michael are you referring to though :/
    Hi, Valery, thank you - I´m fine:). I admit that I´m surprised to find a message, it´s my first visitor message and I don´t know how to handle it technically:unsure: - but at first it´s nice. And your comment (which I´ve lost here anyway) to the picture of Michael in the checkered shirt, did you mean that? Yes, the shirt is okay - but the man! Or I have to say: the boy in that picture. Already very sexy.
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