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  • Aw, thank you for the rep points you gave me a couple of days ago. Haven't noticed it until now.
    FUJON , aw :better:ty kindly sweetie ,:angel: i will give you it back when it lets me ,
    i pray you are ok , pray you are strong , sending you strength, peace .healing, blessings of inner comfort , love .:better:
    Fujon? how are you doing? :cry: Im feeling so down right now.. I dont know what to do anymore :no:
    Sending positive energy your way. Hope you feel better soon... I know it's not an easy thing for any of us to move on with... :(
    *Bigger hug than the two below*



    Just kidding. I hope you're alright, you're very loved and cared for here!

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    I am praying for you and Michael :hug:
    hello friend! sending you all my love!
    heres another one for you
    I love you Fujon. You have been one of my favorite members here for years. I always have enjoyed reading your posts. I have been down for a while, in bed for 2 days thinking I dont know how I will go on. I've been so depressed. Im trying to pick myself up and be strong for him but its so hard. We will get through this not alone, but together. We are Michaels army of love! :hug:
    awww bless your sweet heart babes , ...ugh ...i kno i felt strong the first few days . now i feel ...just ..but we just have to find the strength .i am angry and sad and devestated and disbliefe ....we are all these emotions ..its unbearable for all ...ah ...:boohoo:
    i love you my friend . we must get through this togerther . all of us .:huggy:x 10000000000
    oh fujon , ....i wish the words i type could showtrue compassion but its difficlt to show that in plain typing , im tryin my best though ,~i hope they offer you some sort of comfort ~i know you can feel them :angel:? and im sorry for so many huggs and angels :mello:...k.i belive michael wouuld want us all to live life to the fullest, fujon.. and be the best that we can be, my darling~ and to carry his legacy strongly and to the fullest , i dont kno what else to say........yes, it IS sureal...yes it is ...the .. the whole ,,,,thing is just ...ugh ...its beyond words :no:, ..i just want you to remain strong my friend , please god grant you the stregnth :angel:thanx you for praying too for me , thanx you fujon.
    hi FUJON , im thinking of you ~please please please please take care my friend
    sending you strength , and huggs and an angel :huggy: :angel:
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