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  • Gut, gut!
    Wie geht's DIR!?
    Too bad you didnt come to The Netherlands on June 25th.. :sad:

    Yeah I really hope we can get to go to Disneyland! Did you know they got vibrating seats at Captain EO?! :shifty:
    Allrighty, we'll text tomorrow! We'll get through. Hang on in there, hun. :huggy:
    Aww, you silly! :lol: Saw you around so figured I'd give a digi huwg! Wish we could meet up tomorrow. We'll text and stuff okay? Just you know...have a little back-up not only around us but across the countries as well! ;)
    Hahahhaha I love when you say Yeee haaaw!! LOL :lol:
    It's so funny!

    Me too! OMG I was sitting in the car, tweeting from my phone (nog as big as that one though :lmao:) and I was laughing so hard..
    My mom thought I was crazy! Hahahahhaha

    Yeah I told you before how much they cost.. I just checked again! hahaha
    The prices start at €70,-

    I didnt watch it anymore.
    I Downloaded it, but there was no sound! :scratch:
    So I just went to bed haahha!
    And yeah it was the first one with Beyonce!
    Hahahhaha omg!!
    It is!! Okay I cant speak german anymore! :lmao:
    I'm still dying at that phone!
    That day on twitter was so funny! LOL
    I can just imagine beating up that phone! LMAO
    I bet it wouldn't even break.. ROFL! :toofunny:

    It is dumb right? :doh:
    But now I'm gonna watch part 1! LOL
    okay.. aber du BIST alter..
    You know I have a room for you in the altersheim.. Du bist immer willkommen!
    Und ich habe ein neues handy fur dich.. mit extra grosse buttons :)lol:)

    I just cant get over this picture! LMAO and punching the buttons :toofunny:

    Oh I just started watching it.. aber es war die falsche.. Ich habe teil 1 noch zu sehen.. und I started to watch part 2! LOL
    I need to start from the beginning :doh:
    Hahahaha Das macht spass!! Supertoll! LOL

    Ich werde einen Film ansehen.. ehmm Pink panther!
    Haben sie es gesehen?

    Hahaha yeah.. I need to practise my German again..
    But I dont know when to say mir oder mich und dir oder dich..

    Sooo it would probably look just wrong lol
    A big fail!

    Aber mir geht es auch gut! Was machst du?

    Oh yeah that's true hahah, I also found that out later. :doh: Know what you mean, all that Murray crap is so confusing and frustrating! *sigh* Can only hope everything will work out the way it should be.
    I'm fine - gotta do some homework and have to work tomorrow.
    Talk to you soooooon! :)
    Hello hello! No visitor messages here? Booo, here's one for you! Lol. :cheers:
    All going well out there? Enjoy the weekend!
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