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  • Hello Gaz
    I have just read the "asking ourselves tough questions" thread and I just wanted to thank you for helping when things got really bad in there.
    Thank you for keeping up this forum
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    Many thanks Gaz, for merging the two threads and......for keeping this lovely, magical corner of the internet still pulsating after all these years 🙂
    Hi Gaz:

    How do I share pictures? I'd like to start a new thread with some pictures.


    Belated wishes for :birthday: Gaz

    for keepin' up this place and in the process puttin' up with so much and so many :lol:

    Blessings to you and your family!
    Why thank you - glad you like it :) a lot of tireless dedication has gone into it so was hoping it went down well (y)
    No requests this time around :p Only here to thank you for the lovely, classy Christmas header. Very cool :clap:
    Hey Gaz, the annoyin' chick to bug ya yet again :p I sent you a PM last Friday. The second part isn't even important, I would just like to get an update on my first q, ok? I'm sure you are very busy; sorry to bother you. THX!
    Gaz, I just tried to enter in the chat room, but got " Login failed'. Isn't the username and password from the board here usable on the main site AND in the chat room? I was hoping it was one and the same......I couldn't stay long anyhow. Just wanted to pop in, say hi and wish well to everyone basically. Next time I guess.

    Y'all keep rockin :dancin:
    Just wanted to quickly say I like the new look of the site. I haven't had any issues so far. Knock on wood...:)
    No worries - and I'm not, not sure where that came from, I'm English lol ;)
    MANY THANKS GARY :bow: Much appreciated.

    Salaam alaikum my brother. If I remember correctly, you are Muslim, right?

    Thanks again and all the best to you and your family :)
    Hey Gaz,

    I bet you are very busy and I don't mean either to disturb you or offend you, but I've been told by Dewey two weeks ago that you were the only one the "magical abilities" to change people's usernames. As I told her then, I would like to go from AntWort to Girl.

    I've seen in the change the name thread that in later times these kind of measures took a few weeks from request formulation to implementation lol, but in earlier days you guys seems to react within a day.

    Fear not, I know this can be done only once, so I won't hassle you guys with such a request again. Again, I can understand life getting busy (especially with a job and family), so please don't get upset at my request. But since I saw that you posted something last night, it meant that you did have enough time to log in here. I don't think the change of usernames takes you more than a few seconds, right?

    Sorry again for the bother, many thanks in advance and all the best to you :)
    Hello :ciao: Gaz! I just wanted to
    P ..... You a little message, today. Greetings and Salutations!
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