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  • Hey Girl! Count me in for SURE. I'm down in DC everyday for work, so let me kno if you or anyone else needs help with anything! I was about to try and get my ass to CA again, but this would def be easier. Hope u are doing well! xoxo, Tory
    Awesome, what kind of performance?
    Man I really wanna learn belly dancing, so I can perform on June 25th too.
    Hey Girl.

    I know that it has been a while since I've been around. The past few months have been difficult for me. I kind of had to take a step back and re-evaluate what the hell I'm doing with my life, and just get away from everyone and breathe. So I just wanted to send you a little love, and I hope you and your family are well. Happy Holidays!

    PS.....I came into some money over the summer, don't even worry about the what was owed for the trip to CA. It's taken care of. Consider it a gift from one MJ fan to another.*hugs*

    Thanks! Lol...Dude...I had just gotten home from the movie with all of you...and I saw the thread for it but i didnt click on it at all. So then i got curious and clicked on it then it said Congrats to....and I did a double take and read it again and again to see if they had made a mistake LOL! it feels like winning a lottery... Its Crazi!!
    haha...there are some BAD impersonators out there, but at the same time I'm glad they love Michael so much that they wanna do it in :D

    Glad the costume worked out 4 u. I wanna see pix!!!! Pronto...lolz ;)

    Hey girlie, Hope the costume was Georgetown?

    Hope you got home safe...

    Tomorrow (From Sam)

    What time do you all want to meet up?

    I know we discussed having lunch or something pre-show.

    Since the movie starts at 4:30 how about we all meet up at the Borders next to Maggiano's restaurant at 1:30?

    It will give us sometime to actually get to know each other... then enough time to walk across the street and line up for good seats. I imagine Saturday will be packed!

    hey hun, how was Tuesday? :p

    We're meeting 2moro @ what time? am gonna try to get there like 2 hrs b4 it starts cuz i'm not familiar with the place. I'm soooo

    hey.. so i went to MG about the poster. the manager said to come back in two weeks. if none of the staff wants it you can have it.

    his name is dan. remind me to inquire again sat when we go there.
    Hey All,

    I'm not feeling too well today and need to get some rest before the movie tonight. So I will just just meet you all outside the theater at 10:30pm. Is that okies? Hopes sooo..Want to feel better when watching the movie.

    God Bless,
    Nevermind..since everyone got the ticket for G-town I went on and got bought my for G-Town as well. Still upset cause I like that other lil quiet movie theater! lol! Which means I will be going to see it for a 3rd time the last week it's in the
    arrrgh! soooo upset cause this is the theater I wanted to see it at first! Did you all buy the tix yet for Georgetown? If not can we go to:

    Regal Bethesda 10
    7272 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda, MD 2081

    This theater is waaaay quiet and we might be the only ones in there opening and me both. I just hope they show it somewhere in DC! Thats the CAPITAL, Man! Hopefully as the day gets close, more movie theatres will show it...*Crossing fingers*...ttys:)

    not yet. but the bet is to find a regal cinema.... apparently they are associated with sony/aeg whatever so... i am looking at the regal sites. i will go by a couple of them tomorrow to inquire about the tickets/times and stuff.
    i will let you know asap. talk to you later.
    hey.... glad you got home ok. thanks for coming out. it was so much fun. we should meet up again soon ...our own little dc crew.
    Hey genie...:D it was sooo nice putting a face to the name. It was nice to meet you in person. I hope you had a great time...Hope to see you again...

    Write me to let me know you got home safe! was sooo much fun and awesome dancing with you. give me e-mail so I can send pics :)
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