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  • oblekabies! I will be there at 9:00pm and I called Romi, and I posted the meeting time and place on MJJFan4ever's page. I will be wearing black Fedora, white shirt, and black slacks :)
    Hey So will be meeting at 9:00pm be good enough? The dance party does not start till 10:00pm when can just walk around and find somewhere to talk and also pick up our tix will take time cause we have to stand in line. Meet at U street Metro?
    Hey Geenie, Do you all want to meet at Starbucks on Sunday night? The dance party starts at 9:00pm but he does not usually start spinning MJ and Prince untill 10:00pm. I will check to see if they are open that
    Hey girl...did u have fun in NYC? Sorry I didn't give you a call.....I LOST my phone somewhere between Penn Station and the Apollo. I wanted to I think it had to do with the fact that I caught the bus at 5:15am and was a zombie by the time I got into the city. But I had a good time and was actually on the bus with two MJ fans from Baltimore!! The weather was gross but I thought it was a good turn out....<3
    Geenie are you still coming back the same night? I still might go but if sooo..I have to meet you and stick with you all like glue..cause I don't know

    I'm still trying to find someone to teach my class on So I'm gonna let MJJFanForever know this evening..and if I can..then I will buy my bus tix.
    Hey :)

    i found that avatar on the fan site called "Blue Moon" is japanese website. Hope i could help ! :)
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