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  • I'm sure you'll love Breaking Bad. Keep watching when you can, it'll become captivating very soon. :)

    I heard of Ride Along, but i did not watch it, i might down... i mean i might buy it soon. :)
    Happy new year to you too. May all your dreams come true. I wish you health, success and happiness. Hey, have you watched Breaking Bad ? I watched the last episode a few days ago. WOW ! What a show ! I won't give you any spoilers in case you watch it one day. I already liked Bryan Cranston in "Malcolm In The Middle" and i like him even more as an actor after watching "Breaking Bad". Now, i'm watching "The Wire", please do not give me any spoilers if you've seen it. :)

    Edit: i could nto get into it. I'll search for another show to watch.
    Hi how are you ? :)

    Since you're on ma friend list, I just wanted to tell ya that i changed ma username (ma former username is pac) so that u do not get confused. :)
    Hi how are you ? :)

    I'd like to apologize for being so late. Thx for the video, i had already seen it. :)

    By the way what did mj say about Biggie's death ? As for your rhymes, would mind sendin 'em to me in a PM please ? Like the lyrics, i heard Dutch rap once and i can't stand the way the language sounds lol, i saw that dude with a tattoo on his face lol, who would do it that way ? Crazy guy lol.

    I do really know Jim or Cassidy, i only remember Jim on "Ballin". Big L is good, do u remember his rhyme in which he says "ur mother should have s******** you ?" lol, this one killed me. And he can have a fast flow too. Do you prefer Big L or Big Pun ? Do you plan to release albums ?
    Oh you love rap, can you rap ? Show me some rhymes of yours please. :)

    Which rappers do i like ? Well i like Big Pun, Snoop, Tupac, Eminem, Krayzie Bone. Um, basically, i do not follow rap that much, not the current artists. I discover rappers little by little. I appreciate the rappers that make a point and those who are incredible when it comes to come up with sick rhymes.

    I wish i knew how to rap lol, i'm not good at all.
    Hi there how are you ? :)

    I was wondering since your avatar makes me think you like rap, do you know where i could get the book written by Master P entitled "Garanteed Success" please ? I do not mean to buy it if you know what i mean, i'd really like to read that book.
    May peace and LOVE always be in our hearts...

    I wish you and your family a…


    And a...

    i actually bought mine from a guy who was selling them in encino california,right outside hayvenhurst. so i cant tell u as i didnt buy mine from a store
    hi, how are you doing??
    so long haven't chatted with you, are u all right??
    Bless you, my friend^^
    yea~~ i think this movie is so bad..
    I don't like it too~~
    it will misleading some people who didn't know him.
    he was the special entertainer in Amercian.(I mean he's very well...)
    how r u??
    god bless u^^
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