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  • Hey man, great news - I got a email from the bookstare saying that they have no shipped my book. Can't wait to read into it! :)
    Aha so you bought it a couple of days ago but you have not received it yet?
    I contacted the largest bookstore for the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, e.t.c) and they were like:
    From the information we've gotten from our supplier, the book should in storage. But it also looks like the delivery date has been pushed forward to after the summer.

    I really don't like when they they're messing around :)
    Hey man, how are things going? :)

    I just wanted to check with you - have you got the new Bruce Swedien book in your possession right now?
    I see different release dates on different sites and it drives me crazy lol...
    I just wanted to know if it's actually printed and been shipped out somewhere.

    Rhys you son of a gun! Funny thing is that I enjoy Giddups posts, especialy in the non MJ,section, only to find out its you! Lol!
    sorrry mate, i'm really shite with keeping any dates/responsibilities/promises, lol. had the laziest Easter ever.

    hope you're good
    yep i agree; if i watch that video for anything it's to see him do those moves. absouletly spectacular. :] xoxo
    that video thing in your sig is awesomeeee dude.

    i've always loved the dancing in keep it in the closet :punk:
    great location.

    now that nerves are a bit calmer, i'm off to (re)install all my audio apps and dust off that Why You Wanna Trip mix.
    that's great you managed to catch two consecutive ones for your stay. i wanna try and make one of those dates! hopefully this Friday's officing will be less hectic.

    what blocks you got?
    thanks, i'll try and work it within the next couple of days. and if you've got anything you want us to hear, i'd be interested to check it out too.
    Rhys mate, cheers for checking it out!

    i went back to the convo history and looked for the file you heard but couldn't find it.. do you know the name of the remix? i've done a few of the same song.

    and i'll be happy to break it up and send the files over to you, though give me time to polish up because each mix is really rough and out of sync, lol.
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