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  • Hi, Ginny!!! ; )
    It´s been a long time since I was online here!! Hope you´re fine. BTW, I´ve created a poem today. Believe me, it was the first time I´ve ever created a poem. It´s in the section of "The Fans" - "art, poetry...". I would be glad if you could leave a message there. Thanks in advance!!! : )
    Merry Christmas
    Hi ! Name day is a name, where you celebrate ur name :p

    And yes, its every year like ur birthday :D
    Hey there, do you go on Max-Jax? because I'll also go on there as well & some other MJ fourms also. Actullay I go on 3 MJ Borads/Fourms
    oh no, i hope she's okay! do you know what kind of problems? i remember her posting stuff about her husband...

    it seems to be newbies filling up the threads now and, well... i guess it just won't be the same. no more new footage of MJ to lust over! haha, and we'd get told off :lol: VanX got it the most if i recall correctly.
    hey it's good to still see you posting on the forum! does MichaelYoureAStud still post? and BadEraSexy? i know VanX hasn't posted since last november!

    i miss those threads! lol
    Ginny, wishing you, your brother and your family that the time will pass quickly and uneventful and wishing him a healthy and happy return. Sending peace and love your way.
    Sorry, I've never downloaded from 2000 Watts, It's confusing for me too. Maybe you could PM the starter of the thread you want to download from?
    Umm... for some reason its not letting me view that page but I would guess you would need a torrent downloader such as Bitorrent or Bitcomet.
    Hey Ginny... do you want me to read the remainder of part 3 - leave me a message or PM me to let me know.. and I will check back.
    Hey Ginny.... I have to drive my hubby to work and the weather is crappy - so we are leaving early - I don't work on Fridays - so as soon as I get back - I will sit down with a tea and read through and get back to you
    hi here is a url with no description: ...

    lol! hi, ginny! which original pictures do you mean? :heart:
    No,I have it happen to me a lot too.. I usually just select all and remove the whole post then it clears but didn't wanna removed everything you had posted.
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