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  • What the hell? You're not a mod anymore? Was it your choice? My world is turning upside down!
    That sounds plausible and I hope that's the case because some have speculated that he had the Chinatown procedure!:bugeyed
    I know this random but do you know what happened to Jonathan Frakes's nostril?


    Wishing you Peace in your heart, health in your body,
    wealth in your life, joy in your home.
    May you always be blessed with these priceless treasures.

    Happy New Year

    :heart::santaclaus:Merry Christmas Ginvid Sweetie :heart::santaclaus:

    :heart: Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas holiday filled with
    joy and peace through the New Year ! :heart:

    Hello ginvid I haven't seen you around the forum in a while...hope you are doing well...I've missed you. :) :hug:
    Ginviv someone is trying to argue in the Katherine missing thread on the last page. Can you do something.

    Please can I have the 2000 Watts forum password?

    I've had access before, and I promise not to divulge the password to anyone else!

    Many thanks again!
    Would you be able to send me a password for the 2000 Watts section?
    I used to have access but forgot my password from back then.
    thank you soo much, Ginvid!:) Great to see you! Yes..Michael will forever have that effect on us, won't he? I think I might want to move on from this site..but..but I can't. Why should we? He's worth our staying with him forever. God bless you. And thanks for the welcome back!:)
    hi janina,
    i'm fine,thanks for asking,
    how are you?I've been busy having my house redecorated,I'll be glad when it's all gets so messy when i'm having job's done because it's only a small house so theres nowhere to move anything,oh well i can sit back when it's all done and think it was all worth the effort.anything exciting happened to you?
    take care
    speak to you soon
    love sarahxx
    Hey! Are you so busy you can't find time to say hi to me? LOL jk jk:cheeky: , we have to catch up!
    You're welcome Ginvid, thanks for being willing to watch it. If you think i was rude in my last post i can modify it if you want. :)
    Hey Ginvid sorry for the late reply - fans weer purchasing from various outlets. right now the campaign is going into a new phase becuase of the trial they feel it wasnt done jsutice. Im not sure what they are going to do now though. ???
    Hi ginvid,

    I hope you enjoy the pics I just posted in your HOT SEAT! thread.:):D

    I was wondering if you could move this thread:

    Inception. [May contain spoilers]

    from the "General Chit Chat" forum to the "TV Film And Books - Ittzzz Hollywooddd" forum.:thinking:
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